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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


just a quick reminder, to myself and all of you guys out there.
sometimes in life we can't hinder the onslaughts of stress and feeling weary.
sometimes feeling strain can lead to emotional distress and a whole day of bad mood!
which is why all these things makes our life more miserable. 
bad mood = unmotivated. 
it's really important to know what motivates you to create something new.
for example, i get my motivation by seeing pretty things, I know it's weird.
fashion, most of the time, and listening to songs like this
i feeel like i can do my work better after getting inspired by fashion and music.
it's amazing how the brain works.

so guys, i really do encourage you to find out what is your main motivation.
if you main idea is to change the world, then keep that in mind.all the time.
cause when ever you're down, you'll definitely need it!  

haaha i might be talking no sense now, but whatever it is guys! 
Get excited, and make things! <3 adios


Erica said...

This needs to be my motto! :)

JULES said...

remember it everyday erica! it'll do wonders :)

Erica said...

Definitely :)