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Thursday, April 26, 2012

You know what's Enchiladas!

Tortillas are called " lil cakes" in spanish.
Nowadays the word Tortillas are wrongly used in society,
haha, who knew there would be extended meanings towards Tortillas right? 
but no, for grammar wise, the food that i'm making today is called Enchiladas...

say it with me, En-Chi-la-dasss :) 

yes , Enchiladas! haha

they're really fun to make , easy to pack,
and oh-my-god life saver for rushing hours.
something that we busy society people should eat.
nutritious and absolutely filling and tasty!
haha, just can't get enough of the benefits.
For this time, I put in broccoli, long beans, lemon ham, mushrooms and egg!
gonna try tuna the next time! :) 

was chilling and staying over mom's place.
she's having her hair done while making fresh pineapple and orange juice
Yumss! and look at the size of those oranges! :O

lately my sem break's about to come to an end,
gonna be extra wise using my time now since i have limited free time left!
yikes! haha, cherishing every moment I have! haaha
I think I'm gonna make myself a cup of fresh orange juice right now !

xoxo, Jules. 

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