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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy DIY!

Hello Hello Again!:)
Today i'll be teaching you how to add some sparkle in your life!
ps. please ignore the ugly chipped toenails.

I found these lovely pattern shoe for more than half of it's original price in vincci !
only Rm 25 ! :) it was a steal but apparently everyone else had the same pair.
so without furthermore thinking, i decided to DIY these pair of babies! 
glitters are so pretty! 
everything would probably look prettier when there's glitter on, 
even the plants would look extra exuberant with glitter on
but sometimes it can really be a pain in the ass when it comes to cleaning up part. haha
so here's how i did my shoe.

see this is what I meant by putting the first layer fist
before the second layer which have bigger glitters on :)

and Voila!
there you have it ! your very own sparkling glitter shoes! 
Oh yes, not to forget to spray on some leather spray
(yes i use leather spray cause it's transparent) 
to assure that the glitter doesn't fall off fast! :)
I didn't wanna go overboard by glittering my whole shoes 
cause i find that this shoe is way to complicating to do that! 
you could find a more plain&simple for glittering the whole thing. 
haha looking at myself moving like this really cracks me up! 
i'm wearing all DIY by yours truly 



earrings : pre-loved from INDONESIA
dress : DIY bleached from GUESS (the original color was dark blue)
shoes : DIY glitter from VINCCI
rings : DIY from (any random objects at home)

my rings are DIY-ed too!
i found this toy croc and shark which I find really cute
laying on the shelf of my display cupboard at home idle-ly
so i decided to bring life and make use of them! :)
so far my friends find it very interesting ! haha! what do you think?
Crazy or neat! 
loving the outcome of my bleached dress from Guess which i've kept for a very long time
because i didn't really like the blue jeans color that was all over it!
so yup, I just bleached it's away and problem solve! :)
a beautiful dress calls for a beautiful outing with one of my most beautiful friends
we had such a beautiful dinner of sushis in Umahya (can't remember what it's called) 
and nadine's beautiful cupcakes
haha, eventho i just got to try the icings, i guess it's not that bad haha.
after that we edited some videos and sang along together, haha! 

so that's about it ! :)
hope you guys enjoyed this easy tutorial that everyone could do!
haha happy Glittering ! ;D

ps, I've changed my blog name !: )
no more Emolyjules, haha, which is such a long time ago
can't wait to do a shoot for my new blog bannner!
OH yes! talk to you soon! 

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