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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Katy Perry from Interview Mag

source : Interview magazine March

"is that really her? " 
where the first few words that utterly popped up in my mind
when i saw the cover of the star on interview magazine.
She's always been that bubbly girl next door, or an alien or a geek
but never did she really showed off her sexy side much,
because effortlessly she's already sexy being the way she is.
But this photoshoot of her is beyond black and white.
loving the clothing textures, the background, and how they really play with objects
to make black and white photography stand out even more. 
not to forget that noise effect for a more vintage look. 
love it love it love it love it! 
she's always been an inspiration of mine too after the video "thinking of you",
it really showed a glimpse of sexyness in her. 
was in love with her voice ever since i first heard "i kissed a girl".
ahhhhhhhh.... she just rocks anything perfectly, yup, even her blue hair now. :)

you go girl my lil kaykay. ;)

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