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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hair bun made easy

so i decided to make a very very simple tutorial for this hair bun
it's realllly easy trust me because i've been there done that.

I have really thin and not much hair to make a thick enough beautiful 
perfect hair bun. and i usually get jealous of other girls effortlessly 
achieving that! when it comes to making hair buns,
I've bought faux hair before, i've bought nylon hair bun maker before,
and i even backcomb my hair destructively to make sure i get that oomph 
of big hair overdose that i needed to make that cute hair bun.

girls, wanting to be beautiful, haha.

So this is the Nylon hair bun maker that i was talking about.
why is it made of nylon because your hair gets stick to these things really easy
and trust me, it takes a very difficult time to get them off.
 so here's how i created my user-friendly hair bun maker :)

yup! as easy as one, two, three!

After that just tie a high pony tail
and slip the bun maker right in!

and here you have it!

Gif maker

your very own hair bun made easy!
no sprays
no harmful endless back-combing
all you need is just a piece of old sock!
i learn this tutorial from youtube,
just wanted to share it with you all :)

photo credits : JIM CHUAH

jacket : ribbon and lace pastel pink cardi from SG WANG
dress : cream lace dress from PULL AND BEAR
shoes : boots from SHOE OBSESSION
hat : lace sun hat from SG WANG

i did this look for my good friend Jim's photography assignment.
haha, dressing up in a very different way. goody girl
I kept laughing at the pics when i saw myself, because this is soo not me. lol
I really enjoyed this simple hair tutorial myself,
hope you guys love it too! :)

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