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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things that i did during the weekend and hols!

5 piece of clothes,
and 4 books that i've already purchase for quite some time.

clothes top to bottom:
flea market
Forever 21
flea market

books top to bottom:
101 foods that could save your life (they have pretty cool facts!)
SOPHIE K.  remember me? (i wanted to buy ever since)
a collection of exercising books
Listomania (facts book that i purchase with my vouchers)

Happy thaipusam (past already)
haha, anyways happy thaipusam to all of you who celebrate.

before we start off anything.
let's give a sincere moment of silents and sympathy to this
tragic sight that i felt and spotted for last sad weekend..

so i saw this very sad (pathetic) real flatten out (weasel i suppose) 
made into a piece of tie or an accessory for the neck
this was spotted in my city's flea market for bargains and pre-loves 
i bet this innocuous lil creature was waiting with full of trepidation
in the waiting room to be slathered along with his other timid friends.

let's us bow down for just a minute
..............people, just a minute..........
and reminds ourself of the other poor
terrified creatures in Chanel's waiting 
room facing their fates in agony.......



this is the flea market that i've mention about 
it was just a really small place , smaller than last year's urbanscape.
a lot! 
and this one is called Bundle fest! 
thank you so much for KeithC who told me about it.
and haha bumped into him in there..
and yup, as they promise, lots and lots of vintage stuff,
but most of them are oversized.
and can you imagin... there's a booth that sells RM5 a piece of clothing??
and yes!! i bought 2 of them back ! :) 

i spend my whole weekend in my mom's apartment.
and i wasss reallly boredd , 
my mom's a really healthy person,
(not saying exercising healthy)
but she restrains herself from eating junk food.
so i can barely find even a pack of 
chips or anything to munch on in her home.

so i had to eat this, hahaa :) 
it's really yummy and a good way not to waste 
the leftover mandarin orange from CNY.
it's the mini ones if you were wondering. ;)
and finally 

i feel there's a child living inside me
ever since i was very little i've always love collecting stickers.
having multi sticker collection books to exchange with friends.
and always purchasing every cute sticker i see in book stores.
my affection for stickers never did became flaccid, 
and i've always envied my cousin's furry sticker when i was young.
then i remember she gave me a lil furry white sheep sticker that day,
and i was so hyped up and ecstatic that i couldn't sleep that night !
so coming back again, yesterday i justtt bought this last piece of
christmas set stickers even Christmas is like 10 months more away. 

haha, everyone has a child in themselves, right?
well at least i think that's what peter pan thinks ;)

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