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Monday, February 20, 2012

it's been quite long

photo credit : SIMON TAY

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

photo credit : MEL JUSTICE

photo credit : KIMBERLY

.......felt the monday blues today.......
it's been 4 looks since i last posted in my blog.
which feels like a very very long time for me.
altho it has only been a week or so , but deep within
i really really miss this lil space here in my life.
the reason why i blog is very mischievous 
i find comfort blogging and creating my personal space
here where no one can say what i can't say or do.
and alright, let's face it, no one really cares what you say,
haha! :3 

the reason why i've been so busy lately is because
i  try to plan my time for full use daily. 
kick aside the (sometimes) long afternoon naps,
and the much amount of time i spend cleaning my room,
and then dirtying it again


this few weeks recently is full of photoshoots.
which i love with all my heart.
and yes, albeit applying and reapplying layers of makeup,
and my trepidation of a sunburn under the hot sunny malaysian sky
and of course the thought of thinking that your poses suck,
photoshootings are very fun.
and this time me being the model is another challenge.
I've always been the person behind the lens, until start of this year,
i've got time for more outfit shoots and for myself.
I've been helping a friend out for being his model 
since........last month ? haha, we constantly take photo
for his project every week. until today was the last shoot !
I've always adored his work and think that he's a marvelous guy
of course i would be honored to let him take some pictures of me 
haha! I've always look up to him ,
no matter style or assignments......

thank you jim chuah :) 
for being such a nice photographer!

and so, back to life ! 


Michelle Jiafang said...

lovely photos! :) <3
chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

JULES said...

michelle you're so sweet ! thanks! and i love reading your blog, in fact i'm reading it right now :))

JiM said...

:) love you Juls~ <3