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Friday, January 20, 2012


photo credits : MEL JUSTICE

top : Zara
bottom : i can't remember, but it's a skort! :) 
shoes : my very loved forever21 boots! 
bag : gift from my best friend 
accessories : Diva 

loving this hair piece to the max ! 
if you take a closer look at the unique feathers they have,
surely you'll be much in love with them as much as i am ! :)
the feathers looks so african and tribal I so so so adore it ! 

oh and recently I've learn how to braid this Fishtail braid! 
see and learn from a friend from work! 
of course this one in this picture isn't that finely done,
however what seems to look difficult,
isn't as much difficult as it looks like! 
will do a tutorial if you guys are interested! :) 

I've  been fine recently, 
i'm working fine with all my colleagues and happy working there in Diva
truth to be told I don't feel tired nowadays standing for long hours in that shop
because of the companionship of my friends there ! :) 
it's great getting to know them, I was just getting to know them.
and of course I'll miss them so much because I'm stopping work by end of this month! 

i've bought a new ring today ! <3 
it's from my shop Diva ! 
and if you're a fashion addict like me,
you can probably spot that this is a replica of the famous YSL ring.
haha, yes yes, i can barely afford the real one.
and I didn't know before i bought this one! 

this is the replica model that i've purchase,
however mine is 3D so it's so much different than the ugly copied one here.

the coral series rings are such a famous icon.
gorgeous and exclusive! 
only the rich can wear it.
however there So much fake and forged ones out there in the market,
and all this pirated stuff really makes me mad sometimes.
it looks so alike, it makes me feel cheated when i'm buying the original ones..
lately there's this news about SOPA taking down copyrighted websites on the internet,
why don't we have a agency who takes down all this copyrighted designer stuffs! 

anyways, Happy Early CNY for all of you out there who are celebrating.
i hope you'll have a great time ! 
and for those who are overseas can can't come back to visit your families,
i bet they're always thinking of you no matter what
and waiting for you to come back the next year :) 

goodnites guys ! 
see you in the next post !: ) 


Vanessa霏霏 said...

pass by ^^
like your photos and attire~~

JULES said...

@vanessa :

thank you so much dear ! :) do drop by often!