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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RIP phone.

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this are it's pieces, the screen came off, the battery came of and the back was badly dented.
the camera flew off and the keypad are all gone. 

due to the last post, 
this is what happen to my phone.
my ex- phone.
who died innocently after someone hang up 
and i slammed it so hard on the door,
it innocently scattered itself and it's pieces flew all across the room.
the internal battery from it's content slide it's way beside my feet,
as i sat down crying again.

sorry to be emo again.
but i really like this phone
which been with me for around 6 years.
it has served me well,
and i have taken very good care of it
but i decided to end it's life without any second of thinking
after 72 months of companionship.
I didn't give a second of thought before i did something
that breaks my heart so bad now everytime i see it. 
and i will always keep it to remind me of my mistakes.

I have anger, and i think i need some managements.

RIP phone.
sorry i didn't named you. 

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