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Monday, January 30, 2012

this city is my city!

haha, these are the weird poses my dear friend asks me to do.
the 3rd pic looks like i'm washing my hair, haha! x
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photo credits : YUU JIA

top : Sheer indie cardi from A.Avenue
bottoms : torn jeans from ZARA
shoes : Forever 21

i had really fun finding this location,
i showed it to my dad and he questioned with a furious face,
 " where is that place?! "
i found it just in front of our car park.
it's just a real little space of green right beside the highway.
suits my outfit cause i'm going for more a chillax and comfortable look.
it had torn desk and big unwanted furnitures around and i loved that place instantly
I've always wanted to find places like these to do my photoshoots :)

and thanks to my forever photographer and my forever friend :)
thank you for being so nice all along and being there for me always !

meaning we do "things" together!
and go tru every pain it takes to be beautiful,
together! haha.
Domono Pizza's Chocolate lava cake is a must try ! 
it's warm and soft on the outside, and has a chink hint of melted hot chocolate that
brings liquid to your mouth ! 
what a nice mixture and the best i've ever tried i can say,
it's absolute perfection and i can never get my hands off it
when i tasted the first bite ! 
mmmmmmmm... I'm craving for more now.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
the next time I go to Domino Pizza, I am definitely calling 
the Chocolate Lava Cake as a dessert in the menu.

so we had some glutinous moments together 
sharing a medium sized cheesy double decker.
however me being the fussy princess as i am,
went to the counter to, well, i can't really say complain
to the manager about my slice of pizza that is soooo not filled with cheese.
so here's the conversation :

me : excuseeeeee meeeeeeeeee ! *shows my slice of pizza* 
is this the cheesy DOUBLE decker ? 
manager : *takes a look and swivel my plate*
oh yes, it is the cheesy double decker.
me : what ? how come it's soo much different than xxx ones ? 
manager : oh ? are you not satisfy with it ? 

i shook my head and said i wasn't and replied : 

"so how? "

(haha, reminds me of my very gay art lecture, reis)

so yea, this is my EXTRA cheese of Double decker pepperoni pizza
that is no doubt, FREE OF CHARGE ! :3

look at that this close up of the super stuffed cheese they gave!
compared to the flat first order behind ! tsk tsk tsk
i was so pleased with the service,
at the same time i was somehow feeling *paiseh*

OH well ! now I can sleep in peace !
Goodnite folks ! 


Diane said...

You're so cute, love your outfit! And I totally agree with you, the chocolate cake from Domino's are just perfection!!!!!

Gelianne Alba said...

love your post. looks fun! :)

hope you'd have time to view my blog. followed you through GFC!