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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things that I like !

Things that I like are taking pictures of things that I

my life is filled with assignments, however I dedicate most of the spare time I have taking photos. 
I love taking photos on a regular basis, it's forever my passion.
And recently i was so fortunate to work with my senior Numb9r Studio to take some wedding shoots,
whao, it was pretty fun, and what's the best part? 
you get paid for doing what you love best ! 
so yeah, I'll upload some of the wedding shoots that I took here for my next post .
this post will be more to pictureessss/. haha ;D 
and another thing is I feel so fortunate winning this contest.
it was about sending my photo with the their required theme, " Moment".

i was so afraid i would lose the votes i even cried ==.
stupid contest asking people to vote for you always makes you so nervous ! 
now all i need is my cha ching cha-chiinggg ;)
they're coming up with new contests , you guys can go check em out !
found out this awesome new place in Pyramid that sells all types of Jelly beans
oh yummiehhhhh, love jelly beans, there's so cute !


today when we had class break. we were passing TOPSHOP,
and i saw this faded jeans mini jacket which i adored ages ago
was placed on the 50% off rack
i had my eyes fixed on it ran and grab it
1st thing, check the size,
it was UK 4/8 , didn't care ,
just hussle and busslely wore it,
omg and i just bought it there and then !
so fortunate.........
it was the only last one THANK GOD.

next on some time around this week
 I purchase this lovely lovely wedges from ALDO ! 
felt so in-love with them at first sight 

there was a choice of Black, Beige and this zebra pattern,
had a hard time choosing but finally i choose this one ,
since i've already have black and beige heels,
i figured out it won't make much difference. lols.
And i think this is the highest heels I have.
but WOW the comfort is amazing ;)
went to party all night with mah girlfriends with this pair of new babies .
which i'll blog about next ;)


a lil diecut to see the seeds is so cute!

outside and inside

I've got back my packaging assignment back.
we were designing a packaging for local malaysian seeds,
and she really likes my typography hierarchy at the back of my box!
I'm really satisfied with this assignment cause
but the lecture likes it so yeah! :D

so I came out with this Medic-box-like packaging for seeds
cause as you can see from the back of the box.
"Human beings needs care, so does your garden"

and every assignment i do , even as graphic designers,
 we have to do lots of research even before we start designing.
like tru this assignment i found out that Petai can cure depression and hangovers.
lol. wow.
and carrots can help you when you feel stress and fatigue! :)
hha, i think i need to get more carrots now.


I just watched Lion King again with the boyfriend,
so nostalgic.
and i cried again, awwwwww.....

those who only watch it once in their childhood have to watch it again !:)
it's so much difference when you watch it after so many years.
feeling the kid in you again.
and those who haven't watch lion king before,
where is your childhood? hahas, jk

hope this song brightens your day.
cause it does to mine ! x
goodnite guys !

Whats a motto?

Nothing. Whats the motto with you?


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