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Saturday, October 29, 2011

So, there's this guy called Henry , and his ...

my new pet spider ;D not a real one that is haha !
As you all know Halloween is just around the corner,
Luna bar, maison and MOS' are having costume events
and halloween speaks fun FUN FUN !

I've never celebrated Halloween before,
never dress up as a vampire or a playboy bunny
and where i come from it's too dangerous for Trick or treaat !
imagine knocking on someone's door and end up being rape.

However, unfortunately this year's Halloween I am staying at home enjoying my Domino's pizza ,
going shopping with mama, and just taking some photos here and there, chilling and reading my current
read; Open House by Elizabeth Berg -- which is from Oprah's book club ;)
how ironic, reading a book about a women's life after being divorced on a happening holiday.

OH well

our college had this event that saved me from another depressing empty halloween.
my college decided to celebrate halloween earlier.
and i mean wayyyy earlier,
i couldn't even remember when was the that time. lol

me and my kick ass sexy girls ;)from left : minnie mouse, sexy modern witch, mouse chetah, and i've got no idea lol.

wanted to be a gypsy (that explains my collection of bangles)
but at the same time my mind thought of Egyptian.
I guess i got mixed up.
people keep asking me

"what are you , an Egyptian ? "

i guess so.
me and the sexiest people that night,
loving their costumes omg ! ;D

met up with old friend and met some new ones ;D
TOA should organize more of these events,
finally besides assignments, a congregation to chill man !
and of course catching up with all the old friends ! <3

basically that was a night to remember
hope there's more next year !
even pocky's having their limited halloween snack!

haha. after the party it was time to go home to real life.
and oh BTW, i found something veryyyy fascinat
ing !
remember those times when you're too lazy to wipe away your nail polish,
or that time where it's hard to get the stain off the corners of your nail.
and that case where you need it urgently but didn't bring it, girls ?

welllllll Swab plus TO GO is here !
lol i sound like a F-ing promoter

i found this new product in Guardian
the sales girl told me about it and i just had to check it out,
plus she was giving away free samples ! ;D
so i bought one and tried it out,
like the picture, you just break the end of the tip,
wipe is on your nails
and taddaaa, your nail polish are gone!
making way for your natural nail to breahhhh ;D
(i was wearing turquoise blue nail polish )
not only having nail polish remover, they even had eye make up remover !
which i am testing right now too !



SO mama bought me these lovely new flats recently !
for a week i had to wear high heels everyday to class cause i didn't had any flats left,
they were all broken / worn out !

thank you mommy
photo credits to my good friend, suelyn. x

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