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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Painting the town SueLyn

Before I begin, 
have you ever in your life called yourself fat,
except for the all you lucky drop dead born slim people out there 

"oh i can't wear that skirt it makes me look ultra fat"
"oh i can't wear that blouse, can see my fats "
"oh I can never wear that maxi, I look like an elaphant " 
etc etc.

well that's me.
but it's the truth ! 
haha, however one sentence from TingSueLyn strike me.
and till today I can still remember it. 
(altho i think it was just a few weeks ago)


November is here! 
and in this month there's 3 of my best friends' birthday ;)
This 7thEleven is our fashionista princess Ting Sue Lyn's big day ! 
hehe, ps, hope you like the awesome cacat mustache i gave you.

oh yes. we are looking fine.
we decided to celebrate her birthday in Jogoya KL
and she wanted us to be all dolled up in heels 
and while we were grabbing a cab,
the feeling was so weird, 
because everywhere we went there were tons of eyes looking at us.
actually everyday oso got lah lols.
but today was ultra special ! 
We were ultra Fab, Fine with your thick make ups on.

owh we didn't just ate those food in the pictures above
we were just too busy eating, we didn't cared about snapping.
Everything was heaven there,
limiteless sushi, and the coconuts there are effing dope ! 
small tasty coconuts from Thailand are so OMG like you've never tasted that before.
sorry i can't describe how effing awesome it is.
The take all you want sushis were to die for !
not only japanese, they have hongkong cuisine, italy pastas and SO MUCH MORE!

and the desserts Uh-lala~ 
macaroons, all the type of cakes you want, all the delicious lil biscuits,
chocolate fountain, kiwi and all those fruit punch and smoothies, 
and limitless heigen daez and refillable NZall natural-ice cream.
seriously ate till our lungs.
Manda and I had to take off our belts so we could have some more! 
and we couldn't even fit in our belt anymore.
haha, imaging that in just a few hours of buffet! 

sorry this were our first time in Jogoya (that's why so exited) 

after that, of course we needed to exercise
our facial muscle.

then so fast it was time to go home.
nadine and I wanted to head to some pub to dance it off
but sadly i forgot why we didn't go anyways, lol.
instead, we went to Sephora and had ourselves some 

we really did enjoy our night, 
funny table jokes,
and the birthday girl even got drunk just because of some cheap fruit punch 
with darn minimal percentage of alchohol.
she had to faint herself on the table, and manda had to feed her green tea jelly, 
which she spit it out.
and details i don't wanna say no more ;P haha

when we reach home we still weren't stopping taking pictures.lols.
haha, i really missed that day ;) 
haha, after that day , i missed Jogoya so much
 I ate sushi continuously for 5 days,= =
ok. i don't think i can survive eating sushi everyday 

oh well, good times pass by fast, 
can't wait for next year ! :) 
gtg now 

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