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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Kitty is my LOVE!

So i was strolling around Parkson and decided to treat me self some adorable kitties
I love love LOVE hello kitty since young ,
don't know why ,

the design and graphic is just so simple ,
but it's hell ADDORABLEEEE...

oh mee gosh, so sorry I haven't been publishing stuff ,
I was SO SO SOOO occupied with EVEYThing that I didn't had time to blog about my life !

I had done 4 photoshoots since the last post,
and now that we're having photography classes on Tuesday ,
my weekend will be brain storming about what should i do for that class !
everyweek is a different topic ,
and i just got back from doing a night scene one, which i hated the most,
I didn't do any models for this shoot,
so I am VERY VERY new at it,
don't know if it's good material or not.
well, other than photography class,
i have to manage Typography class which is a dead goner if you can't catch up,
it's only week 6 and i feel myself losing track and trying to catch a breath !
It's totally demanding, everything is so so so Hardcore...
every semester, there's always one subject that you hate,
and for this sem, it's definitely typography class for me.
and not only that, i have packaging design class which is never easy,
and the lecture is never hinting what she wants,
it's all up to us, and it's our own ground,
other that that, i have also Sea Survery class,
Marker rendering, Marketing skills class that demands a lot of work.
some times , no, all the time, i just wanna shut down from social and try focusing on my stuff.

however, lately, other than homework and assignment,
i have been partying in Arthurs day, (was gonna blog about that one ) , and i think i will. lol,
partying in my college's halloween event ( which they did it earlier)
had experience selling vodka in a pub, working as a alcohol promoter,
been buying Lego and other toys from Tor R us ,
been cooking dinner for the sick and ill boyfie,
have been meeting new friends and catching up with old ones,
feeling left out and emotional shits,
however the one thing i haven't been doing, is, amazingly shopping ,
I had endure days of eating cheap vegetarian food,
haha ! but the food taste amazing
(when you're dead broke and depending on your boyfie to survive) lol.

haha, so that's about it for now,
i gotta go buy groceries,
yup, I'm buying groceries at 11.06 pm !

i really hope to talk to you (or maybe myself ) here again , haha !

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