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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Xiao hai's Wedding ♥

her love story just continued to another level .

it's just so amazing how we used to be very close primary best friends,
sharing lunch together, waiting for our transports together, got scolded together, playings games together
she coming over my house, we going melaka for sushi, 
me and my friends used to tease her so bad but we all know that it's just an inside-joke,
we loved and took care of each other like sisters do,

but things changed, we grew up, 
had to change different high schools and walk our own ways,
after that we didn't clicked much like we used to,
didn't contact each other much and didn't had topic to relate to like before.
we didn't really hang out , 
I would just ask my friends if they've seen her, or how she's been.

Then now, she's all married to this man.
I feel happy for her that she's happy. 
At first I wasn't really sure if it was a wise choice getting married at 19, 
but when i saw her that day during her wedding,
she was perfect.
looking like the same as ever, I noticed she didn't change a bit.
it was time that made me thought all things changed, 
she was still the little xiao hai that I used to know.

 her smile always looks so paiseh : ) 
the menu
haha, anticipating for the food ! 
can't wait cause we're so hungry ! x )
and then I end up eating all the peanuts by myself ! 
which were suppose to be the appetizer for our table
we're table number 5, meet lots of ex classmates

All of the photos prove that she's in a state of rapture right now .
and i am happy for that : )
me and jiaz bought her a big bag of gifts from Crabtree and Evelyn
so many lotions, cookies, and bathing gel to last her for a year !
we didn't know what else to buy.hehe.
hmmmmm, wish i could have them for myself ! haha .
they're just so lovely...

so there were a couple of good food in the hotel restaurant. such as
the cold dish
duck or chicken I've forgot. but they were fantastical :)
spicy hot yummy prawn ! 
and then the last one was dessert ! 

and we were fooling around as usual . HAHA !
oh yeah ,
i forgot to mention before the wedding me and jiaz went to shoot some pics for lookbook!

we found this pretty cool spot just behind the hotel, haha !

 so happy to have her as my photographer again AHHH ! :D 
she's a potential photographer. 
cause me and her have simillar taste haha, and it all shows in the photo ! 
btw, i wore :
blouse from Topshop
skirt from local boutique
leggings from Topshop
shoes from Mod

it was evening and the sunset was near, the sunlight glare was so amazing.
it's hard to find nice places to shoot in sunway.
I love this one . 

hehe. thank you so much jiaz  ♥
oh well back to topic ! haha
cham chin hui

pictures all taken and edited by yours truly

well at the end of the day it was time to go home .
I wish you happiness when you feel low,
I wish there was someone there to make you feel better when you think there's none.
I wish you peacefulness when you are stress,
and finally I wish you'll always be as pretty as today .
I love you xiao hai ,
and hope that i can be there with your little newborn baby in your arms.
maybe sometime we should have some sushi again together : )


♫♬ hOpe ♫♬ said...

I like your post sooo much..wish xiaohai happiness and a happily ever after..♥

Take care girl..

Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with your gorgeous legs.
Thanks for posting !

- Karsten -