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Thursday, September 1, 2011

how could i've forgot about Wondermilk ?!

i've wanted to blog about this wonderful cupcake store called
ever since i step into it but I've been such a procrastinator !
Serena the girl with the specs who brought us there
had even already left to London and i've haven blog about this.
Anyways I had such fun spending my last few days in sunway with Serena,
i think the last time i was with her was in Wondermilk.
if you read my blog often she's my close college friend that we go "club",* cough cough*  "for the first time" together,
she's been my Lcs partner, eat roti canai in Murni together,
had done quite a few photoshoot together, and sleepover ! :)

I reckon she'll be fine in Uk even if she wasn't living together with her sister,
 okay i don't wanna sound so  emotional or hypocritical but deep down,
 i think she's the nicest friend i've ever meet.
and i miss her so much now it's very hard to explain. T___T )@#@_#!$&)*@)$!@)

anyways, I was crazy craving for cupcakes for the pass 3 days,
wanted to try Wondermilk since i heard everyone said that the cupcakes there are exquisite !
Yes ! it's still open at 9 at night ! :)
we went there after we had some sushi together.
and surprisingly they're not bad, probably the BEST cupcakes I've had in my life.
4 delicious cupcakes all for myself!
didn't understand why they didn't ordered any,
they taste too great to resist.
Amanda probably like : " oh it's too fattening, too much coloring for my poor high cholesterol to take !
Serena will be like : " I just had those yesterday" (since it's so close to her house)
the guys will be like : " I don't wanna pay for that! it's just cupcakes.

I feel incredibly happy !

one thing about boyfriends and girlfriends

are that the longer they stay with each other,
the more similarities they get !

I didn't even notice this until my camera showed me.
we didn't even plan to do the same thing together.
whao.. this really amazed me.
this photo is stolen from Amanda's phone. haha.
we both look disgusting xD
so pretty i wanna die !
gowd look at the sprinkles ! they're so perfect ! 
I wish i was a sprinkle now.
and usually i don't  take the icings but this one is an exceptional !
the icings here are oh-so-drop-dead smooth,
whereas some other icings always have those sugary crunch feel that irritates me a lot
Full of coloring but who cares ?!
it still looks so pretty.
After munching all of those 4 cupcakes
 I think I started getting hyper from all that sugar rush!
lol I was so in love with that place and those cupcakes ! 
so pretty ! nails.
SO sweet~ hehe . curi curi captured this .
and then i went along shooting some photos around.
the place is just so , hmm can't say vintage but full of personality ?
every single thing is filled with attitude and detail.
if i'm opening a cafe one day,
it's gonna be looking just like Wondermilk ;

haha! the kid was crying for more cupcakes
then when the store was closing ,
we sat outside and chilled.
while i continued my shooting i spot this cute lil white wooden deer!
somehow, i really like this photo :)
and I find this photo that i've caught quite handsome
nerdy in glasses :P

OH well , that's all for this post.
and hey, my heart will always be missing you gurl.
hope you take care over there,
and i can't wait to go wondermilk again with you :D

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