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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

delicious cakes and saturdays.

It was my grandpa's birthday, so we decided to buy him 6 different slice of cakes from Secret Recipe.

this one's called Strawberry marshmallow.

this one's called creamy cheesecake !

I only took pictures of these two cakes cause we couldn't finish all 6 at once. haha.
didn't do any touch up editing for the photos cause they're so naturally beautiful !
amazing how 50mm captures the little white sprinkles on top of the cake,
and leave the rest perfectly blur... absolutely dreamy ! and delicious ;)

oh yeah, and btw, i wanna share with you guys something .

Btw, i'm starting to do cross-stitch
HAHAHA ! i know ! it's damn weird, but i'm enjoying it .
Free weekends with your cup of hot tea and some jazz music...
and cross stitch is quite relaxing :D
I find it scary too the way how i like old people stuff :P 
looking pretty ! 
if you're asking, it's a cat on the sofa ! 
doing it day by day , little by little it grows.
and I'm starting with the second one
ordered some Dominos pizza and enjoying my Hangover 2 
hmmmm. yummy yummy pizza
LOOK at the cheese, LOOK AT THE CHEESE drippin !
Craving for more now : P
and after that I was so free I had to cast some magic spell on my empty coke bottle.
Refill Empty Coke bottle ! REFILL !
hehe, that's all for now.
hehe, i think this post is absolutely blank,
just posting some pretty pictures that's all,
promise to blog something more interesting next time, haha !


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