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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am so so so busy this 2 weeks cause it's the final !
haha. now I finally have some time to blog so i'm gonna blog about fun times !
since my previous blog was pretty stressed up :/ sorry
so i just finished Typography class today, had a whole loads of fun fun fun taking photos of food!
haha, i get to cut them and form shapes out of them.
but i'll talk about that in the future. I'm just SO glad that he accepted my idea.

anyways while researching for my assignments,
i saw some really cute photos from the net and decided to share them with you !

HAHA. have you lmfao-ed like i did !?
I forgot the name of this crazy designer but the photos are all so cute!
there's more actually but i did't had time to scroll through all.

last few weeks my dear friends back from hometown came for a visit !
I'm so happy to see them again :))

we had shopping , shopping and SHOPPING ! cause it was Mega sales ! woohoo
however i only bought 2 bags and 2 tights and a scarf and a pair of new sunnies !
that was the same day i entered the Roxy competition
victoria <3 jiaz<3 me !
then snowflakes.

then back to the hotel.
haha (i'm so bad at taking self portraits nowadays)
then we chit chat like we always did tru the night,
but after that i lost the next afternoon photos!
urgh !
I think i accidentally deleted it >< !
sorry xiao rou !
oh well.
everyday's quite tiring for me.
I'm even wearing so casually everyday :P

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only jIAz... said...

ello~victoria??? is veronica nia><