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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I was wondering if you could help ! :)

hey guys, I went for Roxy's Model Search last saturday.
Actually I wasn't really thinking about the modelling part,
I just absolutely adore Roxy since as young as age 10/ 11 ! :))
if you're a close friend you would know that i have tons of roxy's clothes.
Even every chinese new year on the second day I would wear roxy,
because it's one of my new year clothes ! :)

Roxy has served excellent quality of clothes,shoes,bags, etc. for years and years .
I'm so happy that Roxy has a more wider range than before!
before that it was all usually just beach and casual wear.
but now they have cardigans ! they have flats ! they have cool retro tank tops etc.

so anyways, i was wondering if you could just help me like the photo of mine in their album.
clicking like by supporting me ! :)

1st you gatta like the homepage --- > HERE

and then finally click on my photo ! --- > HERE !

and you've just made my day ! :))
once again I would i to say thank you my dear readers.
this really means a lot to me.
i don't know how to show you how gratitude i am ! :)

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