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Monday, July 25, 2011

Urbanscapes 2011 :) was so fun!

I am so glad that I joined Urbanscapes this year !
it's my first time . And i wonder why i hadn't heard of it before, since it's quite established now in malaysia, there were more set-up little shops for this year ! according to my friend that is.
Anyway, I had major fun there, altho what i did was mostly photography and buying stuffs as usual.
Lots of Dj, local bands, rappers, comediennes, photographers, boutique sellers and suppliers all in and around one big field !
So exciting to go through all the stores, each and each giving you surprises !
altho I didn't had the energy cause the sun was being very obnoxiously hot that day ! I had sun burn and couldn't stay till 12 in the night for the local concerts.
anyways I came with my dear friend Suelyn :)
and we walked and shoped walked and shoped.

ALL of these are so adorable !!
I wanna scream. they're all Handmade soap from various different shops!
squeek !!
anyways, why so many handmade soap everywhere?
i think it's a trend nowadays. to make your own soap. Haha ! :)
however, sometimes it's just hard to trust and use products that are not guaranteed or well known and use them on your body :/
there were also a few in the shape of popsicles ! :)
these are some natural Handmade stuff again.
the top one is some nutrition cream to apply on ur nails. and the bottom one is handmade lip balm !


here I would like to enjoy with you some of the photos i took in urbanscape :)

It was raining in the early morning, that's why there were mud all over the field.
thank god not all the stores are around them :/
if not I'll have a nasty time destroying my flats

cup cakes that we didn't try cause we're so damn broke !

the range of necklace that i love so much but didn't buy cause I"m so damn broke !
me and suelyn were both newbies in urbanscape so we didn't bring much cash to shop.
I mean it says Artsy Fartsy on the banner but who knew it was going to be so much of shopping!

not to be rude but I took a snap shot of this person.
if you guys reading this and know her, please tell her that I love her shirt!
it's like braidings for the hair!
I wished I had the time and the extra cloth and learn how to do that! it's pretty cool ! :))

cute antique stuff.

haha :P dilemma, which one to get?
but finally i took the orange one instead :P
and they're just 20 ringgit !

too cute! they're all rings !

and then we went to watch the most horrible thing Ever .

it's some japanese dance. and the person who brought this dance from Japan are the 1st in malaysia. It's so weird. they're making all these crappy expressions, and in a split second they'll come and grab you haha !
like that!

having nightmares after i saw that performance.

and then it was time for a break man ! fuhh!!

bought these groundnuts that looked so tasty yet turned out so Blerk ! :P

the sweet and young

the other side of town.. LOL.
we're all damn tired already lah ! :P
but we all bought quite a few stuffs that day ! :)
picture stolen from serena's facebook

it's monday now people.
time flies so fast.
hope you guys start up your mondays with a smile ! :)

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