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Friday, July 22, 2011


"Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing"

--Lao Tzu

Life has been a mixture of Busy BUsy and BUSY for me.
Don't you just wished that you could multiply yourself into three and start doing different things at the same time ?
I wished I could do that.
there's just too many things that we wanna do to live our life.
and it happens all in a minute ! .

I'm the most procrastinating blogger alive.
I'm so sorry for all the beautiful followers of my blog for not posting anything new for like about 2 weeks.
but Life in college is very hectic now especially when the sem is about to end.
Ohh nvrm :) I'm still alive
I'm posting some pictures i took lately so beautify my blog

pictures from tumblr:
seeking cute photos from tumblr always make my day after a stressful session of the day.
look at these cute handmade macarons !
and these SO CUTE mittens !
and these ! URGH. so in love with handmade crafts lately :)

oh well. that's so far for pics in tumblr.
lately I had been assign to find real clients.
and my client is Chatime.
looking forward to present to them my team's idea :)
and no. this isn't my team.
These are people who help to be in my short film for chatime :)
thank you again peeps !
i'll post the vid as soon as i"ve present my idea in class and to my client :D
and my precious teammate Suelyn, amanda and Nadine :)

as you can see. I am releasing the inner child in me. :)
Toy'R'us came near by my place lately, so i decided to head there and take a look.
and brought back two hotwheels LOL.
for taking PHOTOS ! lol.
cause it's SOO cute! they even have Vintage ones :P
I still can't believe I actually bought them, they're just so pretty for miniturephotology
*that ain't even a word *
bought these babies for HALF PRICE in F21 on the first week of the month !:)
Absolutely in love with every details it have to offer on the shoe
Urggghhhh can die ! haha !
i cant just hook it around my bed and stare at it till i fall asleep.
I still can't figure out why am i so in love with this shoe until I had to photograph them :)
after taking ton of photos of my shoe,
i decided to grab a snack :P
and made photos out of it too HAHA .

Anyways, it's been 2 weeks now since I found Kitty
yeah. It's a kitty that I named Kitty ;)
It's much more cute name that way.
my boyfriend wanted to name it Leo/Rynn/leo da caprio
I prefer it to be Kitty
Kitty have been staying with us for 2 weeks now.
I wonder why won't it leave actually,
cause stray cats usually just eat your food and go.
but kitty has been laying outside my house ever since i found her under the car.
it might not be the most cutest cat ever,
it might not be the most happy looking cat ever,
but at least it stayed, not like the other 3 cats that I found and bought cat food to fed.
hhaha. but i love it anyways, I love that it actually stayed :)

oh well, goodnight now people, it's 315am in my place now
better get some rest for tomorow's morning class
and remember

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."

--Mahatma Gandhi

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