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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

lately there are tons of assignment pulling me down,
limiting me from having my freedom to play about.

but it's okay, plenty of self discipline manners to caught up with :)
been reading nicholas sparks A walk to remember ,
it's already half of the book, so far so good.
not yet to any climax part.
photoed and edited by me :)

well the other day me and my dear look book friend suelyn found this very pretty enchanted gate near my house.
decided to go take our lookbook pics.
so very excited to do my second look book pic :)
i'm still very new in lookbook btw.
haha, loving lookbook like I never did before.
you get to know so many people.
read their SOOOO pretty blogs.
and get inspired by just looking at their pretty mix-and-match outfits.
and every hype you get just bring excitement in your tummy x)
the feeling is in-describable.
have all you lookbookers firstly had the same feeling too ?
I can't believe i have been missing out all these while .

can't wait for my next shoot


Sue Lyn said...

lookbook buddy i heart you!

Lara Rose said...

I love these pictures! Lookbook is awesome, I'll find you there!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Beautiful. x hivenn

Label me Addict said...

hi there,
i love your cute outfits and i love Malaysia. in fact i just got back from Malacca...
i found your blog on look book and i have just started it and would like your support hype me! mean while I'm following your blog now and would be happy if you were to follow me back!!!

Victoria said...

Loving both looks! they are very pretty. x

-xx Jules xx- said...

thank you dear :)

Sandra said...

nice look!