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Monday, July 4, 2011

photo via tumblr.
hahaha. this made my day :)
have been keeping myself busy for the pass weeks,
using fully my time doing photoshoots, reading, going out, shopping, watching movie, etc.

watched quite a number of movies like monte carlo, transformers3, tuesday with morrie and etc.
can't remember much because of the song playing on my itunes now,
adele's music.

her songs are so motivational, and so breathtaking,
especially when you have a full big bass booster system at home.
her songs are draining my energy out now :P
haha, but I LOVE HER so much!
recent haul.
wayyyyy more cheaper than the doc martens. :/
altho i still would want a pair of them so much
Lookbookers are constantly wearing doc martens and Jeffrey Campbell

i wish they were sold cheaper
but quite impossible, if not where's the brand value gone to ? :)
true true.
btw, have you heard,
F21 are having their 70 % sales starting from today :)

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