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Monday, May 9, 2011

Still in a stunned

Today has been a day of agitation and a recklessly blur day for me.
I keep bumping into something accidentally or messing stuff up.
I hurt myself. I gave myself bruises and headaches.
I feel like I'm not alright.
how to say this in words?
I feel like i was in an abyss of ignorance, devoid of thinking and selfless judging.
making decisions yourself is hard !
I can't even decide what to eat for dinner everyday
can't decide which bed should i sleep tonight
can't decide what to wear.
Thank god I had my man beside me all the way, altho my stench of blur-ness was so overpowering that it reveled the frustration out of him.
But it's all good :) we're all fine.

main question, why was I so not myself ?



i finally bought my camera . TODAY !!!

the Nikon D7000 !

is finally mine ???
I still can't believe i just bought it like that !

i'm finally using MY OWN dslr.
carrying MY OWN dslr
oh god. this is all too fast, I need to take a deep breath !

and OH GOOD LORD, college starts in a few more hours !
it's all TOO FAST!


Suitcase Sallie said...

Love the format of your blog -- we all have those days!

-xx Jules xx- said...

Hello :) thank you lovely