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Saturday, May 7, 2011

College's starting in 2 days! and none of us are looking happy.
My results were pretty good. and thank god for that.
but knowingly college life is coming soon,
we dance with profoundly shock and anger by the woods
aiming to chase away this pain that has been kept inside of us.
or maybe just give awful deep deep penetrating stares to anyone who proclaim that college is fun.
College is difficult ! but i can bet working is even harder.
haha. NAHHHHH.

i just had a photo shoot with my dear friend Amanda last week
and Serenaaaa the photographer :D
I've been a very big fan of her photography and amazed by her editing skills.
It's so vintage I love it :)
can see that she puts a lot of efforts into her work cause she even when to Petaling street to buy the bird cage !
and all the props including the flowery head band is DIY-ed by her

Amazing props + amazing skills = godlike.
more to come because i haven't got the original photos from her yet !
view her gallery for more and blog below.

check it out if you have time

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