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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ever since I purchase my very first Dslr, I have been busy taking irrelevant photos everywhere and whenever I’m free. Neglecting to update my very procrastinated blog. Just for a quick update since the last post, I've :

  1. Finally gone back to my hometown Tampin last few days since Chinese New year.
  2. Bought so many cooking utensils and a hot plate and ingredients and finally putting my sweat and fingers in the kitchen FOR GOOD USE ! altho i'm still eating cupmee now.
  3. Been starting to work on my secret project.
  4. Had Snowflakes reunion with my hometown friends last night. YUM!
  5. Noticed that this is the second week since my sem started.
  6. Almost finish editing the photos Serena took for me.
  7. Finally bought the sunnies from Topshop that I kept beseeching for so long.
  8. Finally went to the eye specialist because of my constant onslaught of red eye.
I know. I feel I'm so late.
Spending imbalance time on the internet for no good use. Not putting enough effort into my assignments, and not giving my space some private time.

Firstly as mention as above, after missing and worrying for my old folks at home so much, I finally went back and spent the weekends with my family in my hometown.
I didn't know what was the reason to go back before, didn't had the motivation nor the wants to go back to my hometown.
I had everything in Sunway, I had high speed internet, I had cinemas, I had my boyfriend, I had easy excess for money, I was rolling with the front world.
What made me go back home was the thought of never going home again.
I know it sounds unlogical but that's what it is, imagine the two old people at home with no one but a maid to take care of. quite sad. and how did I let myself go to the verge of neglecting and dis-caring for them.
I didn't called them as frequently as I called my boyfriend,
didn't pitied them as much as the pity I could give to a blind stray dog.
I could not fathom the un-warmer side of me.
I could be so fully filled with entertainments here that I forgot to entertain the people who gave me this.
adequate of the life in Sunway, and devoid of the love for family.
After contemplating, I decided to take a ride in my friend's car and went back home. where I grew up.

then later on I went for a test shot for my two friends back in Afamosa.
haha. I haven't edited the photos of both of them yet.
but i do have this :)

cOtTzJ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

hahahaa. entertains me alll the time. :)
well here are some photos that i caught in my home . non edited.
the outside of my house. pure fresh air from the moutains from the backyard.
and there's my dinning table at the back while the kitchen is in another door on the left.
and here are the outside's outside of my house :
and I found a bird nest !! damn big, i wonder how the bird did it ! omg..
and the close up looks quite firm !
I can definitely say that I have a botanic garden at home. This is not even HALF of what i have in my house's garden. It's so well-y taken care of. My grandma certainly has a green thumb. She is like the Shi fu of planting flowers.
here's the thing that i use everyday when i'm back home. shieldtox
damn so many mosquito bites on my tights !
here's a more advertorial one :P

this is my dad who is well disturb by me. lol.
and that's my uncle with my dog.
and he's trying to fix the spoilt dvd player.
and that's a groos lizard playing dead.
and that's my grandpa who adores me the most.
and my grandma who makes my tummy go Wow.

and here are more random pics:

and finally my truthful and most loyal dog - Miko.
this photo FUCKING MADE MY DAY !!

i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it !!

i was overjoyed and danced on my feet when i saw this photo.
i like the angle i like the blurness behind I like It !!


I'm still new to this photography thing, and ever since I got my own Dslr, I soon began to appreciate photography more and more !
I was very awestricken by this photo i saw the other in the library,
it had this mocking bird diving into the petals of a pink flower.
So clear. so Sharp !
so motivated and it totally changed my perspective towards photography that day.
Taking photos like

is ubber HARDCORE !

anyways back to topic.

my beloved DOGGIE ;3
XeTL8D on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
haha. so cute. keep yawning lol.
being my only living model, i have taken tons of photos of her. HAHA.
too many for me the publish here
i might post them one by one next time :)

till then, stay tune !

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