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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Don't you bloggers only have the mood to blog when you're alone?
I think all of my blogger friends have mutual feelings about this statement.
you HAVE TO BE ALONE . haha. I even made my boyfriend walk out the door for an hour of free time blogging alone. Haha.
I think he's quite pissed tho, me taking blogging so seriously :P

May is named for the maiores,Latin for "elders," and that the following month (June) is named for the iuniores, or "young people"
May Day occurs on May 1 and refers to several public holidays.
In the Roman Catholic tradition, May is observed as Mary's month, and in these circles May Day is usually a celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

cool info I got from Wiki :)
and I thought that MAYDAY MAYDAY is what they would say when there's a plane crash.
MAMA's day is coming up and LABOUR DAY has passed !
gosh time f'lies so fast, and I'm sorry I'm not blogging as much as I was used to,
it's just that I have so little pictures it's hard for me to explain in words how has my everyday life been. HAHA.
wait till I get my hands on my camera, you guys will be complaining I have too many photos rather than words! haha.
well, let's make this a very minimal photo post then, shall we ?

The whole of April and for the pass few days has been splurging day for me.
I spend all my salary on my shop. DIVA. for accessories.
I've been spending money on SALES SALES SALES. I mean which girl could ignore the big UP TO 70% SALES broacher and signs all around the mall?
from topshop to pull and bear, then diva, body shop, cotton on, and all the other boutique shops.
SO HARD TO RESIST !! too tempting........
There was the last day of sales in Padini. and i bought quite a lot more of accesories there :D ALL 50%, damn lucky !
thank gowd I remember to stop by Padini after the movie outing with my boyfriend.

Watched Thor with the boyfriend.
wanted to watch Fast and Furious 5 but I bet it wasn't as good as THOR ! lol.
at first I was like,
"eww. ugly guys with a hammer = lame"
I was like reconsidering a lot of times whether to choose The Roomate or Thor or Water for Elephants for such a long time. because we were deeply ensconced in Lazyland and therefore we were left with very little choices.
in the end because it was more punctual to our time, we choose Thor.

AND IT ROCKS !!! ahahahahahahahha
I've never been a Marvel fan, or read any superhero comics.
All I know was spiderman and a little bit of batman :)
oh yeah, and they should come out with character names like beeman, hippoman, or giraffe-glazer. lol.
Now firstly I've got to say this was my first real introduction to the character, and i throughly enjoyed the movie.
As a relative newcomer to the movie, I think that the directer whoeverthatguyis effectively done a great job on making the movie easily accessible for audiences to understand without knowing the character beforehand.
The costume was alike, but it would be improve if Thor wore his helmet more often. I didn't even know he had a helmet until I saw the comic version when searching for the movie poster pic for my blog ! :P
the graphic were so awesome it made me wonder how does the digital animators do it!
But overall, i personally really enjoyed Thor !
It had the classic, old school adventure feel mixe
d with futuristic sci-fi animation that could blow your mind awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :O ''''''''''''''
and check. it. out. ladies.
haha. steroids.
he will never make me fantasize the way Taylor Lautner did :PPPP
water never looked that delicious before.
OHHH. look at that young tight body
and omg, i want to FEEL it. lol, i sound like a perv.
photos were mainly from Rolling Stones and GQ.
so HOt I don't even realize i'm drooling :D''''''
I wish my abs were as pretty as half of his abs ! urgh

but anyways. talk about the wolf man from Twilight I had to get down and be the first to watch this movie




by the makers of Twilight.

and because of that tittle I just HAD to indulge and feast myself of this other wolfman goodstuff. and turns out it wasn't as boring as Twilight the movie, it was way better!
an improvement I must say , cause it's quite a thriller :)
" I am shinning like a new born star "
Amanda Seyfried is so pretty, even in real life.
GOD ! is that the same girl from Dear John ?!
uhh laah lahhhh...mama mia.
I'm liking this photo mood.

and by the way. I live a 5 mins walk from the mall. I take my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes snacks in the mall called SUNWAY PYRAMID.

and talk about Sunway Pyramid, there's this illuminati thing going on in the mall.
haha! and if you guys don't know about Illuminati, Google it !
also Google about Free mason. it's crazy and unbelievably interesting stuff : )
CLICK HERE to find out about illuminati shit going on in Sunway Pyramid

I know what you just read was totally off topic but I just had it in mind that I need to spread the news !

HAHA . ohwell I gtg have dine dine with the love now :)
toodles bloggers and passer-by-s .
I love you people and thanks for those who left a comment in my previous posts : )

see you guys reallll soon !

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