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Monday, April 25, 2011


sometimes you feel the blood rushing tru your veins when you got inspired by something awesome.
but unfortunately you don't have the tools the gadgets.
but you'll see one day i will rise up.
i swear to god i will.
I fucking will !
damn i'm so motivated right now !


Marlee said...

Good for you! I get like that sometimes. I don't even know what I'm motivated about I just want to do something!

Andre' said...

keep it going then, don't stop the momentum. The sky is the limit so pursue it, don't let minority throw you off course also hope you get them gadgets soon! ha-ha

kelly said...

hi Im new here :) I just opened my account and your blog is so cute i love it :) can you tell me how can i add music like you at my home page ? thanks :) xo

-xx Jules xx- said...

HEY thanks guys : )
will post up some of my inspired works once i got my gadget with me !