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Saturday, May 28, 2011

For now my love

Hello my delicious readers, it's the WEEKEND ! the most favorite chapters of the month.
Have your weekend been progressive?
or are you just staying at home chilling with a cup of tea and a good book in your hands ?
How was your week ?

Tracing. the only easiest and most satisfying assignment for this week

well as a conclusion I would put it in this weekend,
my week was hurtling with a great momentum of assignment related topics.
Trying to fathom my very beloved subject CGPP. NOt.
has been a total headache for my very sloth-like-slow speed of understanding new things,
especially computer related things.
all those RGB's ,PPI, DPI, CMYK has made my brain cry because it was filled with repleted information all at once.

Not only that, frantic news spreading about the famous Acidman in Sunway had lead me to every dreadful step I feel stepping out of my home.
dreadful dreadful criminal has splashed over 30+ victims around KL.
recent news is that he is lurking around the place where i live which is PJS9
and also seen at night around my College !
this is scary news, and even scary is that

but let's stop all these hectic college life issues that I mostly complaint and stress about in my blog,
Today I'm gonna post a more cheerful and carefree thinking
for all you readers who are seeking peace for once in my blog :)
because I love you all.

well, college isn't as tiring if you have good friends and think on the bright side :)

A tribute to the POWERPUFFS !
Mine is of course the more OUTSTANDING ONE AND COOL ONE ON THE LEFT pttttff :P
it's amazing we're glued to each other since day 1 :)
it's been a year now, so cheers to our friendship !

I remember she said Hi to me 1st, and I remember I laugh at something about her and I can't remember what LOL.
oh well, she mean to laughing at me all the time ;P

and Noh, her name is not Kok Wei Mien.
Photos are all taken by Kok Wei's Iphone app. Pinhole :)
damn chun man, I'm in love with it !
this is the first pic I took with her Pinhole
and this is a pic that she took,
way more better than mine ;P
see how college made me very magical I can pass tru glass !

so yea, that was what my college this week had offered me :)
well, yesterday and today had been a day of quite a considerable amout of spending for me,
I splurged on groceries yesterday , spent about Rm100 +
spending on stuffs like
cereal,milk,biscuits,sausages,mini buns,juices,tea and some other tit bits
I never always spend much on groceries, but yesterday was quite a day,
even my boyfriend ordered me to stop looking around before I buy even more unnecessary stuff

when he was the one who bought only POKEMON cards with a Gum inside,
after scrolling around the whole Jusco Supermarket.

he managed to pick up this. and these were the things inside the packet :

2 pokemons cards and a piece of gum that doesn't really taste like pokemon.
At first we thought that the gum would be in a shape of a pokemon,
but we didn't understand Japanese which was written all over the packaging
so we were fooled with a piece of cheap gum :(

what I wore today
sorry i couldn't give you good quality pics guys, but when I head home
and when my boyfriend was silently aslepp i decided to have some fun with my cam :)
Oh yes, that poor boy who walk with me the whole day for so long today is soundly asleep .
so I have some time alone to blog now ! :D
just my workplace everyday

just something I look at whenever I'm looking at myself :)

just something I should totally start on

Just some thing i look at again when it moved !

haha, and something I bought yesterday during my groceries shopping,
I have already enough pads, (look at the box of Kotex one above)
but I just couldn't help putting this item in the trolley !
Oh yeah !
and when the time I wanted to pay for the stuffs,
the last thing I took off from the trolley was a can of HORSE MEAT.
can you even believe they sell HORSE MEAT in JUSCO ??!?
and I couldn't belive I was about to buy it and cook that thing and lastly put it in my mouth !

ekkkkk !

things I take without double looking

lol. and stuff I bought today.
finally bought new flats from Vincci , and only cost 50 bucks !
then the others are from Diva and Forever 21 :P
just couldn't help myself

and these are the things I bought recently.
the Hello Kitty bag originated from Sanrio cost me quite a bomb.
it was 89bucks for that lil thing that my classmates jabbed their harsh words into my heart by saying it looks like it's from Pasar malam :(
but I had coupons for Parkson so I only had to pay 67 bucks
OH WELL, I splurge on Anything that makes me happy.
and the set of bangles were TOO lovely to ignore.
I set my eyes on them the first time i saw them :)
they costed about 50 bucks.

a lil paw out saying hi (random)and lastly folks ,
anyone interested in buying my Magnum mascara from Maybeline ?
I only used it for 5/6 times before,
it has serve me right because it's washable with Warm water,
that doesn't mean when u cry it's fade off . ==
I wanna sell it cause I wanna use the money to buy other stuff.
so if anyone's interested (from Sunway), leave a comment down BELOW kay :)

love you my readers, and I'm heading off now :)
can't wait to talk to you guys again ...

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