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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

If only time could be divided.

If only time could be divided.
Pictured by my very creative friend Serena Gan :)

I feel like I'm running out of time, out of time to sleep nicely. After this week. then I can finally sleep properly. been having some serious BAD DREAM for 2 days. The dream was so clear and vivid.
I still remember the texture, the volume, the atmosphere that surround me, us. we.
I dreamed of faces I never seen before.
I dreamed of things I feared the most.
I dreamed of things that pressure me in the daylight.
I dreamed of running away.
It's all so scary. Too defying to hold.
I dreamed of Aliens and people masturbating them , like wtf ?
and I dreamed of talking to strangers and being pissed.

Sorry guys, I feel like I'm closing myself, haven't been blogging much lately even tho how much I feel the urge to blog so badly. so desperate to blog I'm just talking about crap right now. lol.
Have you ever felt so busy and tired until you're stress out you're not giving enough time for the things you did before?
Like everything changed in a sudden without your noticing.
Everything that was close felt so far apart now.
Everything that you once enjoyed so much left you.
all of a sudden. This was all real. like holy water rushing over you.


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