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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eyewitness of Japan's earthquake .

Pray for Japan, hope everything gets better.
I'm being so kind , why? Because I love everything about japan.
I love the girls, the samurai, THE SUSHI, the culture, and etc ( even tho I never been there before)
Poor Japanese :(
K lah, some still have hate because of the World War 2, but it's already been so long,
Some people in Facebook celebrate the unfortunate event of Japan's tragic.
Quite bad lah, forgive and forget man,

Japanese RULES!

here are some live footage.



hola que bonita canción la de tu blog me encanta..

MarDelacroix said...

japan rulz.the people who celebrates that event are all sick bastards. (sorry for my english Im from argentina).

i will follow you,girl.follow me.i like your blog,it´s nice.