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Friday, March 25, 2011


hello again world, and say HELLLOOOOo to sembreak !

I thought you guys might miss me so I'm posting some recently taken photos from my webcam :P
this one was just taken 4 minutes ago .

I'm hanging out alone in my college's student lounge now. damn sad.
WHy ?
cause my house internet line got cut off cause of the tsunami and cause of my housemate who moved out cut it off :( damn desperate for internet now I went to my col and use their WIFI. ALONE !

ohwell. ! , I'm so delighted to use my laptop with INTERNET again :D !
I've been working, for quite a long time now, and for the 1st week my legs hurt so damn bad!
who knew working in an accessories store would be THAT tiring !
the replenishments and tagging of price tasks are okay , but the standing for minimum 6 hours a day sucks to the max ! haha.
I'm currently working in Diva Sunway for a month now :)
feel free to come and buy accessories from me !! :D
It's pretty awesome working there, cause you know what comes in the new arrival earlier than other people, and you know which which which item will get discounted soon !

love it :)
but doesn't love the standing part ! :P

ps. did I mention i miss using my laptop with internet so much ?! :D


Anonymous said...

I stand a lot at my job too, by the end of the day I would easily pay 1000$ for a foot massage. But then that's more than I make in a day so I guess I would be homeless.

-xx Jules xx- said...

HAHA. we're the same all around the world. I guess :) cause i do the same thing too

lingerie said...

Were would we be without an internet connection,im lost without mine.Hope you have a beautiful day.

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