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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Dear john is an absolute great book. In many of the other great word I can used to describe, I can only say that it's great.
It made me realized how fragile life can be, especially when u’re old and useless by your own. Dear john has everything almost related to my story of life. I cried when the father was old, useless by himself and dying, I imaging a life watching my father die one day. Even when I’m not close with him, or how badly I dislike him, but even if he’s still not alive anymore, I will miss him, one day. I hate seeing old people die. And I guess the reason why I don’t wanna die that old, is because I don’t wanna see people that I love watching me gone just like that.

And dear john made me realized that how real life and reality can bitterly bite u in the butt., I cried at the sad ending of the book and cried even more watching the movie and realizing how much affection my partner and I shared once with each other. It reflects our love together by watching Dear John. The ending made me wanna throw my laptop out the window, and also burn the book into dust ! GREAR NERVES ! It made me realized that after 2 more years I might not be here anymore. I won’t be in Sunway, won’t be in PJS9, and might not be in KL anymore.

After that, I do not know how to contact with my baby, after that the trust between us will all falter away through distance. Distance will bring us to another level that is very heartbreaking to think of. At this moment I am scared. It’s not like I never thought about it, we’ve talked about it before. And I remember crying in front of him because I was scared, because I am frantically grabbed by the fear once and after the thought of me not having him by my side anymore as time go by. I feel awfully useless at the thought of it and I don’t know what to do. Well, To go with the flow and appreciate every that you have now is that only thing that is available to think of. And also to pray for the best and take every God's challenge as another day of life. Whatever it is, I will always love him, no matter where I am, and I know he will too.

The movie is terribly short compare to the book! They should have made a drama out of it. I smack my head at the thought of it, when I think that I spent a month plus to complete the book and the movie was like just an hour half D:
As I expected, they slightly changed some parts of the movie. Quite a sad ending. I know from interview, that most of Nicholas sparks' novel ends up in a tragic.
Like the movie The Notebook.
I just didn't feel that Dear John's tragic ending had been earned. John's sacrifice of Savannah - a soldier giving up everything to fight for his country - was truly heroic. But Savannah's sacrifice of John to marry her friend Tim for no absolutely necessary reason just seemed cold and cruel on her part and made her a disloyal, unlikeable character. Stupid dumb blondie bitch. dumb fuck ! However in the novel I remembered Nicholas Sparks portraying her as a brunette. The next story I'm gonna conquer from Nicholas Sparks is A Walk To Remember, I heard it's great, isn't it ? :)
but before that, i gotta finish my very-long-ago-bought My Best Friend's girl

here's the trailer for Dear John if you guys are too lazy to read the book :P
but I gotta say that, akin to other movie's with a book based production, the book is always ten times better than the movie.

Fuhh !! I am off yesterday and today :) So happy. I didn't go out anywhere, or did anything special. But I did have Mcdonald big breakfast that was free for me and baby boy. After that I went home and sleep, while he had class. LOL. I feel so lazy nowadays, feel so fat now till my jeans feel tight. It's embarrassing !!
When you're DOWN. I'm DOWN too :/
and here's some lovely pics of us !
nyek nyek neyek... he told me not to put this on facebook , but i guess putting it in my blog is A-All-right ! :P I love you and I love us, cause we're silly like that :P
Till then,
See you guys real soon !

phrase of the day:

It’s possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems, and that in time, the grief … lessens. It may not go away completely, but after a while it’s not so overwhelming.
Dear John


wheatgerm said...

I don,t know if ill see that one

lingerie said...

That phrase is so true time is a great healer,blessings to all.
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