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Sunday, February 6, 2011

ain't got no LV bag.
ain't got no Gucci shades.
ain't got no YSL for shoes
ain't got no Valentino for parties.
there's times when u envy people for all those Pradamiumiucoachtiffanydiorchanel brands on their skin.
there's times where you wished ur bf was some supper rich kid who endlessly buys you branded things that is worth more than your mom's pay a year every now and then.
there's times when you wished at least you had ONE branded bag you could carry.
there's times when you wished you were more pretty,attractive,skinny, etc.
there's times when you wished that you had better luck.

yeah , if only I had better luck.
I guess I should be happy that I'm still alive and cherish the little things more..

OHWELL byebye to CNY
one of my most anticipated holidays of the year
because of the Angpaos !
I only have 1 forth of my Savings for a DSLR. gotta save up and work in the coming future. :/
Enjoyed gambling Mahjong back home and meeting up with those longtimenosee faces
here's some pics about my new year :

pics are all from the Second day which is in JB.
cause i didn't bring my camera back to tampin on the first day.
I can't believe i gain 4kg after new year.
couldn't believe it myself either when I stepped on the weighing machine.
couldn't believe it.
save up and diet.
but slowly. cause I don't wanna kill myself. lol.

can't blog much cause baby's back from JB and meeting him real soon.
sayonara guys! and back to the assignments and saving up days!


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