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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I dyed mai hair YO !
no I didn't straighten it, the hair stylist just help me blow dried it straight.
and the image quality SUCKS HERE!
heh ! but it's quite the same color as before,
the good thing i love is I finally got rid of my roots professionally.
I tried to DIY hair dye myself with the very famous..............

Liese bubble hair dye !
which sucks to the max.
previously before using the product, firstly when it launch it's marketing in Malaysia many bloggers were promoting it, and there were many positive feedbacks on it,
but in reality after 3 of my close friends tried it, the results were an utter disappointment.
now my trust for this brand had ended after seeing the results it gave me and my friends.
I bet bloggers who promoted this product before were just following the trend, like me xP
and i bet there would be no second time around for the users,
and i bet the before and after photos taken by the people were all photoshopped.
well, there is tangible change after you 1st dye it, but this product is "semi-color"( there's a term for this but I can't remember what it is), means, the chemical used is very minimal, that means it fades off after shampooing a few times even tho with using color-care shampoos.
only chemicals used in hair saloons contain are rich and will last longer.

the results were horrible for some of my friends, it's either they didn't get the color the wanted , or it came out in very obvious patches, like on your left is a brighter shade, on your top head is another shade of color, and on the right is like untouched.

wtf rite ? I can't describe in further words how bad this product is, but I will definitely NOT GO BACK to where I thought was a fun thing doing DIY coloring your hair at home.

it ain't!
leave your hair for the professionals, that's my advise for you girls out there who think of doing it DIY style. it'll not last long I freaking swear. even my ah mah knows better !

I finally figured out what my this new year resolution is.
try to go for Shiseido hair treatment for at least 1 time per 3 months,
since it's freaking expensive and I'm saving for a DSLR.
This year I have to treat my hair more nicely cause it's really badly damaged :/
I chopped off 2inch+ from my hair still can see many split-ends :(
*pats my poor hair which I never went to a saloon to give it treatment for the last 18 years* :(

OHWELL, let's not talk about hair anymore,
altho is freaking thick in the bottom and wants my attention so much now.
I am back in my hometown Tampin now. and have been endlessly stuffing my mouth with scrumptious bits of Chinese New Year cookies and cakes.
laying in my bed with my dear john, wait. let me take a picture...
Nah ! relaxing... I'm like some greedy pig munching and munching non-stop
the white thingy cookies, the ba gua, the pineapple tarts, the love letters. OWHSODELICIOUS.

it has been raining for days..... and I miss my babybu :(
sad face :(
aww I miss him so much ;(
he's like my Sunway pet. always beside me whenever I want him to be
I feel so cold here in my hometown and I need his hug ;(
booohoo to long distance.. I can barely stand it without him bymyside.

did i mention i miss him so much ?
went to The Garden for dinner the day I did my hair...
The food there is nice~the interior was as pretty as FullHouse too ! :D
and Nokia camera quality sucks balls at night.
here's some pics from his Nokia E71 phone
and below are pics from my Sony cam 2.0 MP:
can finally see a bit clearly what am i eating LOL.
I ordered black pepper chicken chop
lol. he was waiting for me to cam-whore finish so he could start dining.
hahaha, what a gentlemen.
that ends the day :P
with a yummy meal woohoo ;)

"When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay.
When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go."

Need. It sounds simple enough. But just how important is a need?

How does it uphold itself when placed against something else - love?

Many people would say that love is the most powerful feeling you can have.

Just three words, I love you, can translate to an infinite tapestry of meanings and intentions.

While I cannot deny the depth of this emotion we call love,

I was always more intrigued by the gravitational pull that a need brings.

Because really, you can love someone but does it come hand in hand with needing them too?

To me, love represents freedom, ray of lights, possibilities, vast openness, and a steady stream of heartbeats.

And need just seems to be the polar opposite end of the spectrum… entrapment, darkness, entanglement, lack of breathing space, and the occasional skip in heartbeats.

One gives you wings to let you fly, and the other, roots that bind you.

There’s no right answer, but I know my preference and the precise reason is this -

Once upon a time, someone said to me, “I need you.”

Those words instantly placed cage bars around me. I thought of fleeing, but how could I walk away when my existence meant something to someone?

And in that moment, I realized that he has made me need him too.

It’s when you know that there could be a million stars that dot the night sky, but only one will shine unceasingly until you have been safely guided to port. A place for the heart to call home.

hmmm, I NEED you baby. please never-ever let us go.




enough of the Romance.

it's a real quiet CNY this year, my cuzzies aren't all here together to spend the day together.. feels kindda bored without em' and I miss em' so much. Especially my buddy Simon :( He's like my bro lah *sigh*.....damn sad I can't see him this year because his Visa had issues.. haven't seen him in a year already

well even tho there's skpe or facebook the feeling of just chatting together face-to-face is different ! :/

for this new year I still haven't got myself the ideal platform heels I want but i guess i need to save.

hmm, let me see, Guess heels or DSLR. Guess heels or DSLR :(( hmmmmmm...

toodles ! signing off with my lousy webcam shoot BOOO.

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