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Friday, February 18, 2011

Assignments duedate.

if I'm not mistaken, I have 2 more weeks to finish my this short sem .
then after that will be my 1 month holiday which i hope i could find a job at :/

but the thing is, who would wanna employe a 1 month employee ?
even roadshows need training to go tru 1st... :(
urgh, all I need is just the money to buy the DSLR :( I don't think i can really acheive that
and asking money from my family will be the third decision,
because grandsstillowesmommoney, momdoesntlikethem,theyjustignorethefact,theyjustpretenditllgoaway,daddoesntgiveashit,theyincourageme
drenched in this convoluted state, I'm going to conceive my vexation and get things done myself.
It's very difficult to liaise among family members which have problems even communicating.
It's hard, I'm out, I'm by my self now.
this is my mind set now. I shall not go back.

so.......... any one wanna employe a 1 month worker :/

I wanna work some market which i'm familiar with, like cosmetics or beauty,
it's what I at least have some knowledge in,
not some teaching or restaurant/cafe where you have to memorize all the names in the menu.
I like cosmetics because i read about it a lot, and know which brand's the best to use.
I don't wanna receive the guilt repercussions after applying the wrong job :(

didn't know it was THIS HARD finding a job :O


Skip all this stress part and time to talk some shit!


Happy Valentine's day!!!!!!!!! passed already.
HAHA, i really enjoyed the valentines special video from Nigahiga :P
Youtube entertains me now when you don't have a TV/pps at home.
I took the picture from Damansara Parkcity. that place is wonderful, you can even rent bikes there, rm10 per hour I am so gonna go there nx time again and ride the bikes.
I was photoshooting my friends for my college project that day,
when i'm free I'll show u guys some of the shoots after i touch it up in photoshop first :)

some biaytch can really be so fake to their boyfriends when they want to get somethings, and that somethings ain't cheap !

I'm just talking what's on my mind right now, LOL.
how was ALL of YOU PEOPLE's Vday

i spent my eve and my Vday with my babi :)
chill and took piccha. oh and watch Yogi bear, since No strings attached didn't had any more tickets left.'
he got me flowers from Kenya and a big stuffed panda and i gave him a BellandRoss watch :)
he fits perfectly with it
took me quite a long time to decide which watch to get that guy man. LOL.

pictures below:
I like this one ! it's so Paparazzi-ish
Here's the Kenya flower that my baby got me, LOL
I'm sad cause it's dying and turning yellowish and crispy dry :(
but Happy i got it from him !! :)
I think it's almost half of my face HAHAHA
thank kew baby, I had a wonderful Valentine day with you,
altho what we only did was eat in MCD, you teaching me some photography skills and watch Yogi bear,
but to me, everyday feels like valentine when I'm with you because we're always so happy together :) I love you darling :P

then on the "2nd day" of Valentine we decided to do some photoshoot in the park.
the time was 5pm but ominous clouds were close so it's didn't really last long.
baby was so pissed :P HEH.

this was when it started to rain.
i think i look prettier in the rain lol
sorry guys cause i didnt edit some of the pictures here :P
this is awesome :P taken by my photographer baby :P
this also. got feel~ haha...
oh yeah and one thing before I leave.
i found out this article tru blog walking just now.

Cyber bullying could kill!! So stop it please :(

In 2008, Emma committed suicide on Christmas Eve because of a status update from one of her enemies. Please raise awareness of Cyberbullying among your friends and put a stop to it. NOW.

Here's another story, its in FORMSPRING.


I find it quite true, cause some girls / guys nowadays have really fragile heart.
baby's housemate when KUKU because of being bullied all the time,
I never seen a crazy person, like really mentally crazy person before
.but this was just next door, he was shouting and screaming that he can't breath all the way,
it woke me and baby up
then later baby asked the nurses what's wrong , they said he went nuts.
and we thought it was some kind of exoxism cause it was terrible.
by the time we woke up, ambulances were already outside our house
it was scary shit no joke.
then later on we peek out of the window and saw his housemate being strapped in those kuku people white suits where they tie your hand and being lift into the ambulance
that dude has some mental problems man, it's soooo scary .......

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