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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sometimes i wonder am I really that heartless as ice.

sometimes things remind me again why did i do that thing in the pass.
I don't wanna regret things and make things complicated.
sometimes i just like it simple and cute.
there will be no sometimes that i want it complicated.
I don't wanna hurt other people's feelings you know.
but i know that I keep doing that without any other options.
sometimes I just wished that my time was just more blankly in space where the female unicorns can fly freely with popcorn and OTR in their face.
Okay i donno what i'm crapping about now,
it's just that i'm quite stressed up.
I need to breath.
fuck all the problems i'm having.
fuck this annoiying damn CHEEBAI skype that keeps making the noise when people PM you.
why la fucking keep blooping.
Oh, i'm in a group.
and hey,
why am i typing all this shit again ?
ohyeah. release stress?
haha. I'm typing like freaking fast rite now, cause i feel so pissed.
haha. i think it's gonna be another sleepless nite.
I have gallons of stuff loading in my mind rite the fucking now.
bathing chocolates in icecream sundae soup with frosty lemonade and Christina Auglielra (fucki dontknowhowtospellhername) dancing with Ronald.
okay. how fucked up random can my mind be when I'm pissed.
I fucking have ADD .
I'm heartless and fucking cold as ice rite now.
I don't give a damn about any shit the no fucking way more.

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