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Sunday, November 14, 2010

i need to get everything done ASAP :)

there's gonna be finals next two weeks.
time's running out and my performance are not that good.
far apart from what i expect.
but this moment i feel like blogging. cuz it's my home ;D
well, i changed my blog music and i like it.

i had been back in my hometown from saturday to sunday.
haha yes, only for 24hours +
the reason why i came back was because of my dear granny ...
she has fractured her backbone and is now in wheelchair :(
she slipped in the bathroom because of that.
heart ache la when she told me how useless she became and then she cried.
she's in such a despair situation is because she used to be so independent ,
now she needs support and help from other people just to even walk or stand up.
imagine yourself laying in bed the whole day,
you can't even get up to switch off the fan when you feel cold.
imagine people helping you to pee / bath.
imagine you can't even get to the remote to switch the channel on tv.
breaks my heart when i came to fathom why the reason of her pain.

I tried not to cry cause it'll discourage her
however i tried my best accompanying her within that 24+ i was at home.
she was always on bed, so i laid beside her and talk talk talk .
i think she's been like this for 1 month ? was in singapore hospital care before coming back to tampin for rest
those who are seeing this, kindly help to pray for her please ? :/
she needs it and I hope she'll get well soon :(
with my hectic schedule i can barely find time to talk what's more than going back to hometown to see her ?
sigh... i hope she understand that,
it's not that i don't care.

went out with my friends to Icehouse.
mana tau the saw mai other friends in 5 different table in the same place.
and coincidence it was michelle's bday
LOL free cake
saw my darling and ah yat and etc.
gossip and catch up a bit with us and other ppl. hek hek hek.
i miss them very much , it's been months / half a year we didn't meet up !

picchass below ;)

too many people too little time to take pics ! urgh .

then oh yeah. Tbowl.
newly launched in Sunway Pyramid.
and, it sucks BLEH...
shitty food and shitty service.
won't go there more than twice :)
i'm just there for the picchas ;D

signing off losers ;D

p/s yuujiaz come to KL during Dec !
we going clubbing

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