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Sunday, November 21, 2010

feeling guilty...

1st time one whole day i didn't do assignments...
and it's already like 4.33am . sigh. Finals are here all those projects, test and shitz.
well, no point complaining here.
regret even more of going out too much today...
and why did i go out ?
cause i wanted to get things off my head.
too many things in my head....
everyone around me is like so moody, not laughing, not smiling that much.
i even miss those moments where everyone could just laugh so hard till we shed tears and feel like dying.
now it's like, don't even have that chance.
well, apart from assignments and TOA, i have problems of myself i need to deal with too.
some problems that i don't even wanna talk about ,
but i know, eventually i will burst.
I will collapse and fall in flames..
HAHA. sounds so dramatic.
I'm waiting for MCR's new album to release...
not quite sure when tho, ish, don't even have time to check it out.
i think it's not that don't have time.
it's just that i don't make time.

ook. enough of the crapping and its time to MAKE TIME for my assignments now.
yeah, at 430am. HELL YEAH.

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