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Thursday, December 2, 2010

freaking non-stop tired!!

WTHlahh. i seriously need to break and die awhile after this hectic finals....
yesterday was like okay. LCS presentation kept me up memorizing the night before.
but in the morning my speech wasn't really that good,
but lucky i have a very cooperative partner Piplup who helped m
e out a bit.
I still think i suck at Advertising.
slap my face and tell me why am i going to this course again?
I can't think that much of ideas and i am a downtonwn loser.
bitch. i woke up at 7.30am yesterday and memorize until it was 9/10 am
then mana tau suddenly we had to go 1st.
Urgh. emotionally un-prepared thus leads to nervousness and head will be blank.
serious case of bad memory la I.
well, May-ann kindda liked it i guess,
it's better than the previous one that made her so upset and mad like i can't describe
utterly speechless lah. but the other groups were so much more better.
last day with May-ann. owh. is there gonna be anymore Language and communication skills next sem ? D: (she's the middle one)
then after that, we needed to move THIS>car>Hartamas Times book shop for display.
wth , the pipes were too big so we had to cut it and push and squeeze it into the back of the car.
then drive drive drive go there then mana tau the location so small to display
so we thres all the pipes .aka the cloud part and turned it into this!
it's sooo small! and ugly! ohwell, not my problem i don't care lah!
too tired too frustrated to care.
had to throw away all these hard work. and get nothing except shoulder pain and top it up with some backaches
you can see that i'm !*!)@&#!)@ tired from my face right?
but, on the bright side. thanks Reis for accompanying us until we habis-ed it! :D
then after that about 5pm sudah finish buat , we just drove back to sunway.
JAM JAM JAM. stupid KL jam.....
later on, i......
got a tattoo! lol. pretty...:D
tutti frutti is love <3>
then watched the mignight movie.
kindda regret it cause my head was REALLY spinning and hurting like shit.
but what to do, already bought the tickets.
I wanted to clear my head off with some (i thought it was a nice movie) movie
but mana tau.
it was boring till.........i slept in the cinema..
and woke up with a dizzy feeling. like i just got drug-dosed or sumtiing.
crappy movie. they spoke Geek so i didn't get what were they saying.
and those nerds that understand were laughing in the cinema. well, a tiny group of them sakais lah.

crappy shit.. still waiting for Johnny and Angie's the Tourist to come out! :D

sigh. well. signing off now.
today's gonna be very hectic too.
haven't done my figures.
and tomoro need to pass up figures, there's history test and need to show my final design thing for my computer graphics.

can't wait till friday night.


Hailey said...

The tattoo is cool.

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