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Monday, July 6, 2015

Bifesta Makeup Remover review

 Things I put on my face: 
eye shadow, fake eyelashes, fake eyelashes glue, pencil liner, liquid eye liner, mascara, foundation, different shades of concealer, 
highlighter, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, lipstick. Hahahah, that's no wonder I take so long to prepare for an outing.


Yeah yeah, you might think being a girl is DIFFICULT! And BOYS, you might think we do our make up just because we want to LOOK GOOD JUST TO IMPRESS YOU... or you think we're INSECURE... or you think we DON'T LOVE OURSELVES... Oh boys, stop being so full of yourself because some of us girls, just simply LOVE MAKE UP, and we do it simply because of ourselves! Not you :P But with all these over-load of chemicals we slap on our face, it's really essential to take good care of the base (OUR SKIN!) Removing our make up is a MUST! Because we need to let our skin (pores to be exact) breath naturally. And we all know that at least ONCE in our life (or a week / month / year) we find ourselves guilty waking up in the morning on the wrong bed with our makeup on SINCE LAST NIGHT! My friend who works in a well-known skin care brand (who has a flawless-porcelain-kind of skin) once told me before that, "If you sleep with your make up on for ONE NIGHT is equivalent to letting your skin age for ONE YEAR..." YIKES! imagine how many years we've already let our skin aged. Hence, I cannot stress any further, that putting on make up is fun, but you always shouldn't "forget" to remove it by the end of the day.


I've been trying this product for almost 2 weeks now and it's time to talk about it. Friends, meet Bifesta (pronounced as Bee-Festa), claimed to be Japan's 1st Drugstore Water-Based Makeup Remover (3 bottles are sold every minute in Japan!) "Bi" Means Beauty in Japanese while "Festa" is an abbreviation of Festival, Beauty Festival! And they're all about WATER!

It's not a surprise that a lot of people think that water based makeup removers are less powerful than their oil-based counterparts. But for me through experience, oil based removers not only leaves an uncomfortable oily residue even after I tried washing them off my face urgh! >:( they are also not the best for oily-prone or sensitive skin. In fact, they made my face breakout even more! On top of college stress and hormones problem, the oily leftover make-up remover really wasn't doing justice to my face :( I myself stay far far away from products which are oil-based or has a lot of alcohol ingredients in them, and usually use cleansing milk or any other natural organic product to keep me away from the bad experience. If you guys had the same bad experience with me before, today I wanna introduce to you guys a make up remover that is all about that bass WATER! 


Their star product and what a lot of beauty bloggers from all over the world have been raving about is Bifesta's cleansing lotion series.
Catered to different types of skin, Bifesta is a brand which ONLY provides Makeup Removers;  4 handy variants for different skin types:

Enrich (dry skin : added Co-enzyme Q10 for rich moist), 
Sebum (oily skin : with green tea extract to reduce pore size), 
Brightup (combination skin : removes dead skin cells and dirt from pores), 
Moist (dry and sensitive skin : with double moisturising ingredients to provide high moisture effect) 

It promises to Moisturise,  Tones, and Removes, and YES! It did live up to it's promises! Not only that NO RINSING IS REQUIRED! (sayy whaaat?!) I've been trying it for 2 WEEK already and I can tell you it absolutely melt and grabs off every trance of make up from your face! I'm really happy about that btw, and amused at the same time that "some water-based" product can do this so easily... Because at the back of my mind I had a sceptic feeling beforehand that "How powerful can a water-based make up remover be??" But clearly that sceptical thought changed when I
tried this product for myself. Btw, the one I'm using is BrightUP (the purple one) for my combination skin type.

When I like to use it:
I like to put this in the shower and just grab a few piece of cotton and wipe it off! Easy-Peasy (So I dont' feel sleepy - lol, wtf, bad rhyme) So after a long day all you need is a few pumps (3 max for me) on a cotton pad to wipe off all your make up easily so you can go to bed fast! Best solution for lazy girls who have no time like me who want things done QUICK, EASY & EFFECTIVE (Oh God, I sound like an auntie already)! Best use for everyday-light-makeup look; like foundation / concealer / blush / light eye makeup. 

RM 27.80


Speaking of being QUICK, EASY & EFFECTIVE...

Make up wipes are all the rage for Travels / Sleepovers ! And here guys, is how Bifesta's makeup wipes look like with and without their wrappers. Being a Jr. Art director myself, I really look up to Japanese's minimalist and super clean packaging design, I also really appreciate it when my cosmetics (AND EVEN MAKE UP REMOVERS) are designed to not only do a great job, but also look pretty at the same time. Hahahaha.. I'm sorry
I really can't live without pretty things, x.

The hard case it comes in is not refillable, but it does give the whole packaging a more solid grab. Really one sheet is ALL YOU NEED because 
ONE SHEET > the size of my face. Even can remove heavy / stubborn eye make up! And if you're wondering, there's actually 46 sheets of really wet cotton wipes in box. So let's say you remove your makeup once a day, one box is more than enough for you to last for a whole month! :O

When I like to use it:
I usually, quite often, sometimes have spontaneous trips / sleepovers whenever I'm free or when I feel like it. So all I need to grab for my 
makeup remover is this! Easy to fit in my bag, and I know that with just this box I can remove my WHOLE FACE already! :D PERFECT for 
out-of-home situations. lol

RM 19.80


Hehehehhe, here's how I look like with and without my usual weekend eye makeup. For this product there definitely is oil in it, you need to shake the bottle to mix the oil and water first, then drip a few drops onto a cotton pad and I usually like lay it on my closed eyes for about 10 seconds then wipe it off! It does feel a lil oily when first apply, but after use the oil just dissipates after a few seconds! It definitely doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes (THANKFULLY!!! Because I had a situation once when I used another brand's eye makeup remover which belongs to my friend's when 
I was staying over her place and it made my eyes swollen and red within seconds!) Also, it doesn't give you that cloudy / blur effect in your eyes when you remove it with your contact lens on.

When I like to use it:
With just ONE SWIPE this lips + eye makeup just easily removes every stubborn mascara / fake eyelash glue! I like to use it on days where I wear heavy eye make up (think wedding / events / photoshoots). Gentle on eyes, tough on removing make up! :)

RM 22.80


Overall I thought that for this price, it's really WORTH IT because of it's quick and effective results. Packaging is a beauty as well!! (you know that feeling when you have guest over your house and when they enter your bathroom and nods with approval at the sight of this lovely design lol) They say most of the pretty girls can't cook, but this pretty product can certainly pack a punch! (Don't know if that metaphor makes sense or not lol) Anyways, it's definitely a product worth buying and I'll definitely recommend it to my friends who seek for non-oil based makeup removers :) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this review merci Bifesta Malaysia for the lovely products 

xx, love you guys 


StellaBees said...

I wonder where you get those beautiful leaves ����������

Juliana Lee said...

Hello! They're from a florist in Bangsar :) @stellabees

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You must have put a lot of effort in taking the flatlay shoots. Nice!


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fernanda uribe said...

which are the ingredients?

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