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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Dating App Experience - #LunchClick Review

Dating. Dating online. Dating through an app.

Dating through an app used to be a taboo everyone had a skeptic feeling against, well at least for me in my opinion, I used to raise an eyebrow when I hear someone I know using a dating app, but funny how things changed very quickly when I decided to give some dating apps a go (when I say some I meant only Tinder). Funny how this silly conversation has managed to shift from, "Oh my God, xxx is on Tinder?!" to "But everyone's on Tinder, what's wrong with that?" Out of boredom and curiosity, my girlfriends and I tried using some dating apps, just to take a look around and see what's this big hype about, but along the way, there are tonssss of creepers (creepy guys /pervs) along the way and it almost seemed like the road of gentlemen was lost– well then again who in the right mind would search for romance on a dating app, the thought of it just doesn't fit, does it? Like what society has warned us, you'll encounter a bunch of very sexual messages, of guys who have no conception of what charm or manners is, and who go in straight for the "DTF?" (which means down to f***, for the uninformed). And also not to forget a lot of kidnapping cases that we see on the newspapers are linked to dating apps and about how the girl getting cheated... Cheated for their body,  cheated for their money, etc... Ah yikes, it's a scary world! I have some girl friends telling me experience that they have some offers for Sugar Daddies on dating apps, another worst case is that one of my girlfriend was dating this guy for almost a year, and to find out at the end she was the third wheeler all along, but the story doesn't end there, turns out the guys is married!! Yikes! And so, with that said, dating apps are still more likely to yield mixed feelings rather than an overall positive experience... Especially for us girls, if you know what I mean. Somehow like porn lol a lot of the existing dating apps out there seem to be mainly catered to guys, and us girls, don't get a really great experience.

But today, since we girls should be looking out for each other, I wanna introduce to you girls (and guys) LunchClickthe first dating app that has security features that caters to those who want a safe experience. Brought to you by LUNCH ACTUALLY, the well-known biggest dating agency in Southeast Asia HAVE YOU NOT HEARD ABOUT THEM?! I've heard of them a few times before and seen some few ads popping up on the side of my news feed quite some time, maybe because GOOGLE KNOWS EVERYTHING, including that you're very lonely being single for so long, lol. Anyways, back to LunchClick , it has Manual Profile Approval: love assistant will vet through all incoming profiles and rejects the non-legit ones. Non-legit ones meaning the people who have inappropriate pictures (this includes no dick pic allowed k guys, you think what?! we girls get turned-on by that?! Nooo...) or people who are already attached (as can be seen through their Facebook profiles) So if you're not single on Facebook, it also means 
that you're not legit enough to use the app k, so take warning for all you cheaters and scandals-er out there, LOL. 

*omg is that a match?!*

And you know how some people have that ego issue, where you say yes to everyone but you never say anything in the conversation... Well, LunchClick only allows ONE MATCH PER DAY, so that guys aren't able to swipe endlessly to check out female users around and this won't appeal to people who just want to play "the numbers game". So let's say today you liked / disliked your "match" you can only wait another 24hours to see who's your next "match". Interesting right? 

*someeeeee-dayyyy my prince will coooomeeee*

It's easy to see that obviously LunchClick is for those who are serious about searching for the right match, and it's not very for those who are searching for one night stands, or those who use fake profile. So gurlfriendddds, don't worry cause you won't be getting bombarded with tons of creep messages by creepy guys. So far, this is the most legit-ly secure app for ladies that I've seen so far! "Don't look for love, let love find you..." It is said to let love come naturally, but sometimes, naturally ain't working very well for some people, that's why we have secure dating apps like this to help us push ourselves in our dating life. For some people dating app acts like a cupid for them, and I guess it's good news too for those people with a busy schedule who hardly go out to events to meet new people, this is where dating apps come in. Well guys (and girls), if you're single, available, and ready to mingle, why not give LunchClick a try? 
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