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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


coat + shoes: ZARA /  playsuit: ROOM8008 / hat + bag: HM

HELLO EVERYONE! February is finally here, how have you been doing for the first month of the new year? For me it was really rather 
an unexpected one, well you know what they say, "Anything could happen." And really, Something DID happen, LOL, I like this half-way
story-telling that I'm giving away right now. all these lingering mystery vibes in the SS, But anyways, February is the month of 
LURVEEEE (haha wtf I sound so cheesy), But yeah, everyone knows that Valentine's is here, and I guess Valentines is the one holiday (is it
a holiday in Malaysia?) where every singletons feel sad for themselves, LOL. I can't remember the last time I celebrated valentines day, 
it probably was 3 years ago, my boyfriend at that time got me some roses, we went out for dinner, you know those cheesy stuffs, but I am
 addicted to cheese –so I don't mind LOL. But besides the love for your partners, it also could be the love for yourself, for your friends, and
for me especially for family since Chinese new year is coming up after Valentines day, and hello love for BA-KWA (delicious pork jerkey) 

Okay, now OOTD
I love how the way this whole outfit turned out to be – playful, easy going, and just casual chic. Something that I would grab 
out of my wardrobe during busy rush hours of the day and still look pretty presentable with. Something that you could wear for 
a date and probably an interview too, heh, try it! But now let's let the pictures do the talkin...

How cute is this playsuit!? I absolutely love clothing that has pockets in them! Where else should I put my awkward hands in?
LOL But to be honest, I'm a buyers for clothes with pockets, my fingers are usually abnormally cold so I like to keep them snugged 
safe underneath these extra layers of comfort. Those fruity patterns on this playsuit also makes it looks so fun! PLUS! This playsuit
is also ZARA inspired from ROOM 8008. I decided to be daring and paired this patterned playsuit with even more patterns! I got my 
tribal print coat from ZARA, my gold belt, and some funky leopard shoes, adding on my banana printed clutch to this look, I think 
after all those patterns it was only right to balance it with a big black hat – one of my outfit necessities nowadays...

Overall, I'm really loving how easy it is to look chic and slip into this playsuit. Just zip it up with a zip on the back! 
You can get it too and check out a lot of other chic stuffs at ROOM8008 ! If you're Malaysian and active on social media, 
then I'm assuming you've heard of this well-known local brand before... To be honest I've heard of them since 3 years ago! 
Here's a lil look at their shop:

Look at their shop... So impressed with the detailed set ups here and there, from the bulbs in the dressing room, to the wallpaper!
They carry a wide range of variety from girly floral maxi dresses, to rocker chic edgy style, to red hot Herve Leger inspired dresses
Oh that one is my absolutely fav! And plus they stocked in A LOT of amazing pieces for CNY so you guys should check them out! 
ONLINE and OFFLINE, you can find them at: 

No. 52 Level 7, Berjaya Times Square. 

The owner is super friendly too, and I hear sometimes they serve tea / coffee in their shop too, isn't that sweet?!

Till then! xx 
BTW check out my latest video on YOUTUBE about JANUARY FAVOURITES 2015 if you haven't! 

Hope you've liked some of the things that I've tried out last month! SEE YOU AGAIN SOON! XX


Emma Kelly said...

Your blog is so cool! I have just come across it and I love your style, that outfit is amazing.

Emma from Written with style | Bloglovin

Annabelle said...

The print on that playsuit is amazing! The shop looks really cute too! I wish I could visit.

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