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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Abandoned Greek

Hello ladies! I know it's kindda rude to greet you with my ass for the first post but whatevs,
I'm loving the shoots for this series! Partly missing photoshoots a lot (those proper ones I mean) where I curl my hair,
I know my hair still looks pretty fail, and I accidentally burnt my cheeks with my hot curling iron because idk what was I doing.
Day-dreaming perhaps, (while curling my hair at the same time) LOL genius, not funny because now it left a mark :( 
And I have no idea how to get rid of itttt. argghhh I guess again, time heals any wounds! (including bimbo wounds)
Don't mind me if you see me covering half of my face with my hair nowadays, now you know why, LOL 

Okay first let's talk OOTD! 
I got this beautiful beautiful long dress which had a really deep V for the front and back from a brand called FAITHFULL
haha, I never wore something like this ever! Partly I guess it's because I hate wearing NuBras, (they're so weird and sticky!)
But I got this versatile 3-way bra from THE NATURAL which is totally awesome! say goodbye to weird sticky Nubras!
ps: You can have a look at how the bra looks like on my previous post about it HERE 
The dress is so beautiful, it looks casual and I can imagine wearing this to the beach, and also a dinner party.
there's a lot of ways to style this dress up or down, hit on some fancy earrings, glitter on the body, with a fancy bag,
and you're good to go for a dinner party, (of course matching it up with some nice heels), Oh and maybe a nice bun too!
To dress it down for the beach, you could add a beautiful huge sun hat, a straw bag, and some sandals, and accesories! 
Walla! 2 ways of wearing this dress already. But for this look I decided to match it up with this place abit...

I've been to this place for a photoshoot I did for my friend before, you can view the album HERE 
Such an amazing space abandoned for God knows why, its so beautiful tho, the marble floors, the Roman-like pillars, 
and the big arch architecture, with the glass doors and windows is just perfection. The place just gives this mysterious vibe, 
first is that why is this beautiful place abandoned, second is why no one wants to fix it. Well maybe I rather not know why. 
I would love to stay here but I wonder what's the house past like... The place reminded me of a palace, *and I am the princess*
HAHHAHAHA SORRY, EPIC SHAMELESS. loving my hindu headband where I have no idea where to wear to,
except for photoshoots like these. (I made it my "crown"), matched with my huge Greek inspired necklace, 
and gladiators, to add some more greek essence to the whole look, loving how the dress has a slit on both sides,
to reveal what shoes you're wearing. and oh the lovely bare back is just goooooooorrgeous!  Lovely dress!

lovely arches...
 "Roooomeooo, roomeoooo. where for art thou romeooooo" LOL
* gazing at the camera hoping that no insects get onto my hair....*
just look the the floor around me, everywhere is filled with glass, dust, and fallen pieces from the house.
Haven't I not told you about the beautiful marble floors? Sighhhhhh. If only my house had these, they're so gorgeous! 
whollle marble flooorrr....
nothing much, this is just called my pushing the pillar pose. LOL

to be honest, I was pretty scared to edit the photos at night.... in fear I might see something in the background...
Eiyy I'm sure people on facebook will be commenting on my photos asking me to check out something behind -_- 
urghhhh arghhhhh annoying, that's not even the freaky part. The freaky part is actually well, ok, to be honest,
when I was here last year (omg IT'S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?!) I saw crime scene numbers scattered all around the floor,
It's where not much people go to cause you needa walk around the house.... AND this year another freaky thing is...
I was greeted with photographs albums on the porch in the entrance of the house.... Hmm... Some silly prank?
Well hopefully that's the case. LOL..... but well I am looking forward to the next time I come  here hehe.

Again, thank you so much SHOPBOP for the lovely dress, I admit that it's pretty revealing, 
and I probably won't wear this on a regular basis because wow it's just damnnnn sexy, hahaha
or maybe I'm too sexy. ahhahhaaha omg *shameless again* #toosexy #can'ttouchthis 

Haha, goodnight everyone, December is coming soon OH WAIT NO, it's TOMORROW! 
yayyyyy! We're closer and closer to Christmas! (I mean not like I have any plans for Christmas),
but Yayyyy , I have quite some stuffs in mind to blog about for our lovely month of December! Heck,
even worked these 2 weekends for it already! :) I'm excited guys, you'll be seeing a lot of christmas related posts coming up next!

Goodnight! xoxo and if no one loves you, I gotta tell you I do :) 


mualliffachrozi said...

love the place ,so classic, and you look so stunning:)
Happy December:)

Kisses from Borneo, Indonesia...

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Juliana Lee said...

Thank you! kisses back to you from KL :)

Carinn Tan said...

Omg love the photos! You look gorgeous!

ThisGirlLovesChic said...

wow stunning photos

This Girl Loves Chic




the Chency said...

Such a beautiful stunning photo series. Enjoying reading here. :D

Anyway, where is this place? I think I should visit this place for the same too, hahaha. Tell me yea


C'est Belle said...

Beautiful photos :) the house is amazing!! Xx