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Saturday, November 22, 2014

First time in PENANG trip!

 bag : REBECCAMINKOFF bags / guy's singlet : cotton on / wrap around shirt : vintage

Chill people! I am wearing pants inside, it's just really short that's all cause I wanted to be comfy in the airport,
my flight to penang was 9am so I had to wake up at 6am, oh no, 5am because I had to 'wake up' call my friend,
who wanted to be all glamorous in the airport, yeah, with concealer, bronzer and all that shits, lol but me, 
I just wore nothing on my face, and felt soooo out of place, expecting there was no one that early in the airport,
but no... girlfriend, there was tons of people in KLIA2, who would have thought right at 6am -_- LOL anyways,

HELLIOWWW guyssss, I know this may sound really embarrassing but yea, it's my first time landing in Penang.
A lot of people were shocked as well lol being that I'm a Malaysian and haven't been to Penang before, I know,
where have I been and what have I been doing my whole life right? well, the reason is... I don't
So we've been told to venture into this "popular" cafe in Penang and here's a lil bit on how it looks like inside,
overall for this Penang trip I didn't bring my DSLR so the pictures here are not that sharp as my other pictures, 
reason why is because I wasn't there for a "traveling trip", I was there for a mission – a surprise the bff mission lol.

okay so before I blog about this lil cafe, I wanna talk about our mission ! 

So! We already know that the bff is going to Penang for her getaway birthday trip, so I was invited by her gang,
p.s, you know me and my bff isn't at the same city right now, so I was invited to be the secret special mysterious guest! 
haha. it was a plan fail actually cause someone from the group there accidentally spilled my name when booking the hotel,
so we were like wtf, haha but I went with another "secret guest" - Enzo the diva, so at least the bff doesn't know that he's going! 
So we arrived in Penang first, got the cake and le cute macarons from Gurney and off to surprise her in her hotel room! 
and then we went out to explore penang!!!
anyways, here's a lil bit on ChinaHouse, penang! a really cozy and interesting cafe that has live band at night too! 
This place is super amazing, as you guys all know, Penang is a heritage place similar to Malacca, (my hometown yo)
So, all the shops, including Chinahouse, looks like any other shops from the front, when I first saw it at the front,
I really did start to doubt what was all the big buzz over this normal looking, in fact, quite boring looking place! 
But when I went in it was much cooler! It felt like a never ending passage with different colors and patterns everywhere.
every more step we took was a bunch full of "wahhhh"s and "woooow"s as we ventured into this space.
A twist of modernity with a heritage / tribal essence would be the best way to describe this place, 
very much like Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent dresses' collection. amazing prints with a modern cutting. 
I didn't get the chance to take pictures of the place much, but I will when I come to Penang again ;)

 just a tiny spot from the cafe - this is the bar part that lights up at night. 

lol look at me damn concentrating and focus on my drawing. 
oh they have a "Coffee cup contest" basically you can find an empty paper cup on your table with some crayons,
and later then you can just let your imagination and hands to the job ;) hahahhaa what am I talking about, sounds dirty, 
so me being me didn't really read the instructions beforehand, so we just drew whatever we had in mind,
can you guess which one I drew tho? I think it's pretty obvious by now, hahahaha so after we had our cakes from the cafe 
(btw it tasted like Alexis if you haven't tried), we went out for some more adventure time!! 

cats #1 which reminds me this picture would go so well with KADE SPADES HATS
There's a cat one that I like so much! meow~ Cat Women wannabe right hurrr. or I mean purr. lame lol
cats #2  so many cats drawing!! :D
what are best friends for? – they're there to be silly the same way you are :) 
On the road side, I think we were walking on the famous old road? And me and le bff did our hair here! 
I don't know what's it called, but the guy from PERU did this for us, took like 15 mins and rm25 for one of these.
It's really pretty tho, and it's not called hair braiding, okay I'll call this hair string tying braids ;) hahaha
okay enough walking around,  we went back to the hotel we stayed in SUNWAY resort penang, and fortunately!
DOWNSTAIRS our hotel was the popular street lane!! woohoo! So many yummy foods to eat! recommended by the taxi guy,
OH btw, when I told my friends (in kl) that I took cabs wherever I went in Penang, they were laughing at me T_T
Because you know whyyyyy, the roads are actually pretty near by... AND! in Penang, the taxis doesn't use meter.
It's all fixed price. At first I was thinking, "Eh, good what, so when there's jam it won't get overpriced."
But apparently it's even more expensive with fixed price, i didn't know what and still am not quite sure why, 
but whatttteverrrr la, hahahaha. So anyways! We packed soooo much food, damnn lots! and went up the hotel to eat.
HAHAHA, i'm so sorry I can't show you the pictures of the good food, we were just too excited we stuffed errthang in. 
AND AFTERWARDS! you know me, when I go to a new place I always like to check out the party scenes there,
but i realise, with the best company you can just party anywhere! So we partied in our hotel room...

hahaha NOT! no way we're gonna be stuck in the hotel room doing nothing! ROUND ONE PREDRINKS LETS GO!
us looking all fine and shits before heading to the clubs! yeah we went to two places :) –cuvee and soho
 haha I'm gonna fast cut this one cause we were quite messed up, hhahha, in a good way,
the whole party turned into a lipstick party afterwards, errbody using my lipstick to kiss errbody.

but kisses were giving mostly to the birthday gurll – queen of the night! so much love for you
you should be more than blessed having so many wondering people caring for you sweetie!! xx

okay roll out of bed the next morning, it was harddd getting out of our major comfy beds, but we did!

cropped top : similar here / midi skirt : similar here / gold + black shoes : similar here

I guess this is my "travelling outfit", a cropped top to make sure you don't get too warm from the hot sun,
a long a line midi skirt, well ironically to keep you away from the sun, because you don't wanna get a bad tan, 
and it's also flirty in a way because of it's a-line cutting it looks ultra girly and I love wearing this everywhere! 
and HEELS of course, wedges to be specific, I love wearing wedges for outings and in fact, I think wedges
are more comfortable to walk in than heels. and of course I've said it before I am gonna use my RM bag for travels,
because it's so damn secure! I got mine from SHOPBOP.COM , you can check out REBECCA MINKOFF there 

Well, so anyways, we shopped around gurney plaza and I think there's a new mall beside it ( i forgot the name)
but it felt like Pavillion KL, I bough myself a lot of stuffs from H&M ( i knowww, i'm in penang but i'm buying kl stuffs)
that's just because in KL i don't have time to go for shopping! haha, so I treated this penang trip as a lil getaways,
and of course our lil surprise mission for the bff's birthday. :) Hmmm, I'm missing penang's char keuw tiao so much!
even my tummy is rumbling when I type out the word penang char kewy tiao T____T sigh.

I'll be back for you soon penang! Anyone know any similar char kewy tiao places that tastes like Penang,
BRING ME PLEASEEEE~~ thank yuuuuuuu! 


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