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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Shades of Pink

top, bottom : BKK / shoes : ZARA / purse : KATE SPADE from SHOPBOP.COM

Here's my first attempt on trying shades of pink together, haha I know, I call myself a fashion blogger but I hardly match pink color clothes
together on me. I've been meaning to try this look out for quite some time now but I never really purchase much pink clothes for myself. but now for my recent hauls I've been grabbing pink items more than ever! And honestly, I think pink is gonna be THE COLOR for fall this year, which is brilliant cause I can imagine matching it with so many colors for layering. Check out some really nice pink dresses HERE, the site is awesome where you can select on a specific color! So much pink for this look even my eye shadow is pinkish with a purple tint, and my nails are painted in a Barbie doll pink! hmmmm, Barbie doll pink.. Words play a really big role in describing the right shade of pink. Imaging pastel pink, pixie pink, milky pink, neon pink, baby pink, salmon pink, dusty pink, urgh.. there's just so many shades of pink! haha. But I think the color pink in general symbolize females straight, wearing pink on pink just instantly uplifts your feminine side. I think the drop sleeves makes this whole outfit look even lady-like, I can see someone wearing this for a first date, or maybe for valentines! The look is very soft and romantic thanks to the flowiness of the puffy chiffon tutu skirt, and of course the appropriate sexy drops on the sleeves. what do you think? Let's let the many pictures do the talking :P 
yeah I took quite some lots of pics for this... Well, I guess it's because of my first time trying that much pink shades

What do you think? hahahaaha, I laughed so hard when I saw these pictures cause I know, WOW, I look so lady-like! 
Photo credits to Amanda Kok my long lost sister who had lunch with me the other day. 

especially with the curls and the side floppy cut out sleeves that reveals a bit of skin in the most lady-like way makes this look even more girly! To be honest, this is my second time attempting to curl my own hair, I know it looks a bit messy but lol, I think my hair is pretty stubborn, I can't keep it curled for long I don't know why T___T Even tho I hairspray-ed it it doesn't seem to last... But anyways! I feel I can never look girly enough, no matter how much I try I always think that even if I go for that sweet look, I still always like to carry a bit of edginess to my outfit. For those who can't deal with a full body pink look, rock on a leather jacket. Because well... NOTHING GOES WRONG WITH A LEATHER JACKET, even farmer pants, NOTHING!! 

Ain't I right? with just a simple leather jacket like all you can HERE can pump up the whole look into another level. Is it cute? is it edgy? is it cool or is it girly ? it's so mind fuck cause it's both! You know what... I know that might be just my style, I can't just play with ONE style, I have to carry both in an outfit.... I'm never one, I'm never just a sweet thing like a SUNDAE, I'm naughty and edgy like SINS. hence SUNDAESINS. lol. okay bye.
did I mention I'm also very lame? lol

Actually the idea of wearing pink on pink was because of my new purse from KATE SPADE that I got from SHOPBOP.COM. Yes... It's 100% genuine okay you can check it at the site too, they sell a lot of branded stuff there as well. I was so scared if it might be lost in the mail but OMG I got it after 3-4 days upon order, and it comes with lots of paper and bubble wraps all packaged properly with those official identity card, brand tag and what not other legit stuffs :) When I finally got it in the mail my heart was sooooo relieved! And the smell !! It has that new leather kindda smell that well... I weirdly like. haha HEY! I know there's some people like me who likes this smell kay! I can't help but keep sniffing it, LOL. Kate Spade has the perfectly cutest bag, you can check all of them out HERE

So yeah folks that's about it for this post! I suppose fashion is really fun, sometimes you should get out of your comfort zone and try out new stuffs! Never know if you might like it! :) 

Again visit SHOPBOP for some really swaging styles. 
my dress from THIS POST is from them too!:) 
Goodnight world and Happy birthday Malaysia! xx


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

cute outfit!

Carinn Tan said...

Wow, I got the exact same purse from Shopbop too! But mine is white inside haha. I love your ootd posts btw! Whoever takes photos for you is rly good! your photos are awesome and you look so pretty <3 Followed btw! :)

JULES said...

Hi carinn, Cools! But does the white gets dirty? Currently using this wallet everyday and loving it, haha! Thank for the support my dear :) you're the best!