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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 things I wish I knew when I was in highschool

top : H&M / skirt : sunway / boots : DR MARTENS

Back to school (more like back to work for me) ,  back to reality.
I just got back from Bangkok and starting work tomorrow oh my gosh, sinking into reality already.
But to be honest, I always feel that once you had a great time on a holiday, you'll be even more motivated to work!
And it works for me cause I feel boosted with good vibes, fresh, recharged like some one pressed my re-start button.
Now I know most of you guys are back to school now since the summer break has ended. But hey!
I hope everyone's fresh and open minded with a positive perspective! School is pretty fun to be honest.
Don't stress, don't act all drama queen on a tiny problem, just have fun and fool around! 
Basically that's the only appropriate time of your life to play and not take things too seriously. 
I hear students jumping out from buildings when they can't score and that is seriously sad news.
So guys, have fun, style up! Here's 10 things I wish I knew when I was in highschool : 

1. Is of course, have fun, be 100% yourself, no fake shits

2. Boys will break your heart. Let them! Learn from it no matter how much it may hurt. Time really heals the broken heart!

3. Don't be afraid to question your teachers, if you end up in discipline room it's okay! It's not gonna end your life.

4. Tattoos at this age is a bad, bad, BAD IDEA.

5. Life is tough as a teenager, you will encounter lots more problems in life!
so best if you get used to it fast! accept it and move on.

6. Girls who say mean and snarky things and try to make other people miserable are often very unhappy creatures.

7. Being cool isn't about how you look like, who you hang out with, the school you go to or anything like that. 
It's about being happy and totally comfortable in your own skin! 
But hey, I found some really cool bag packs that could spice up your school outfit here

8. Models in the magazine spend hours getting their hair done, non-stop diet, and massive photoshop
It's a fantasy, it's not real! So stop stressing on how much you need to LOOK LIKE THEM.
You know, an instant way to look tall and skinny is to wear some nice MIDI SKIRTS, with heels! 
it'll instantly make you look tall and glam, like a model plus it looks super cute and decent for school

9. Stop beating yourself up for the grades that you didn't score. 
Honestly a lot of the things you learn in highschool you don't really need it when you're working.

10. Being a teenager is fun, you get to experience a lot of new stuffs. 
You are normal, and you are beautiful in your own way :)

So guys, chill out, have fun during your high school days, cause when you're working like I am now, 
boy oh boy you'll miss them care-free high school days. MAKE MEMORIES! because they're gonna be the sweetest! 
But most importantly is to smile and have fun, 
there's some really cool latest fashion assortment for BACK TO SCHOOL from 


that I've found and I thought they were really cool to share with you guys, loving the bag packs especially HERE
Honestly dressing up for school can change your mood instantly into a fresh, fun, and exciting vibe!
It doesn't have to be a huge makeover, it could be like a NEW WATCH, or a NEW BAGPACK
I remember I used to always search high and low for the perfect pretty backpack whenever school reopens.
The feeling of getting a new bag pack (especially that NEW smell) motivates me so much to enjoy school!
I guess it's the same theory as buying cute new gym clothes and cute shoes to work out in. haha,
well at least it works for me! :D 

Till then, 
have fun and be nice at school folks! 

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