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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mood for CNY?

outerwear & stockings : TOPSHOP / inner top : COTTON ON / skirt : CAJOYNESS / shoes : WANDER PEEPS

Can't say that I'm 100% into the mood of CNY yet,  but I've been snacking CNY cookies for almost more than 2 weeks now, 
almost everyday my "tea-time" would consist of mandarin oranges and various types of cookies that Chinese people create.
I foresee putting on extra weight this coming February because of the massive invites for chinese food for the celebration.
Especially from Ba Kua (pork jerky) with alcohol, damn that's my favorite CNY food that I just can't get enough of, what's yours?
and I know I've been slacking A LOT going to the gym, I think I haven't stepped into the gym this whole month of January?
Man, that's fucking serious shit right there, absolutely terrible! ... 

I'm a bit worried now, maybe I should get my ass back to gym tomorrow. (or maybe after CNY).
I recently purchased this furry coat from Topshop and I loveeeeeee it. It's effing soft! i kid you not, 
I can practically live in this furry cardi. One downside about it is that I can seek it's fur everywhere after I wear it.
On the sofa, on the bed, on the floor, on me, everywhere! but still. I love it and even snuggle in it's warmth at home, LOL.

I also recently bought this skirt online and it's ZARA inspired! fell in love with it at first sight when I saw it on ZARA's official website. 
But they don't sell it here in Malaysia (booooo) so I couldn't purchase the genuine one from ZARA,
but when I saw this online I immediately went to bank in and ordered this pretty marble / space print skirt.
Structured with a beautiful print. Those two are a must for my top favorite skirts! 

Speaking of inspired, check out this crazy awesome jeffrey campbell inspired boots right here DAMN! 
I finally GOT ITTTTTTTT WOOHOOOO! not the genuine one la, it's inspired from WANDER PEEPS.
When JC launched this on their site last year around March I still remember putting this piece of art as my wallpaper.
My heart was crying because I wanted these pair of shoes so badly, but the price was just too unrealistic for me...
I don't usually like buckles because I think it's just so not feminine and bulky, but this one is an exception, 
because the two huge buckles goes so well with the cut out design. It has that modern badass biker chick look.
If I had too much money to squander I would definitely buy the originals, but come on, 
i like the design, not so much of the brand, so I don't mind the inspired ones and it's way more affordable!
and it looks so much alike with the real ones here
I'm really glad that WANDER PEEPS has so many inspired stuffs which are affordable for us to purchase,
who says you need to spend a lot just to dress nice?

Okay, I'm gonna go now here's a picture of me flaunting my vivienne westwood earrings that are oh so delicate.
Too bad they don't have V.Westwood in Malaysia.. Or else I'd be spending even more money, :( good also la. 
haha. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all who celebrates folks! 

keep calm and get fat. 

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