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Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at Publika Food Review !

top : COTTON ON / skirt : pyramid / shoes : ZARA / bag : TOPSHOP

Going to Swine (or some of you may prefer to call it S.Wine) was a spontaneous sudden plan by my friends.
I've heard some good reviews about it but I never got the chance to try it since I never had pork cravings to satisfy.
Excuse my tired looking face because I was out the whole day that day and when I just got back home,
I sat on the sofa for about a full blessing of 5 minutes, and I had to get out from the house again, lol.
I'm sure most of you have heard of this famous pork house, but here's my first take on Swine.

It's located at Ben's groceries at Publika which I absolutely adore them for their product packaging there, 
and mind you, I always buy products influenced by their packaging (and they say don't judge a book by it's cover).
And yeah, here's how it looks like on the inside. 
I actually don't really enjoy seats like these, (although I know this is the hipster industrial interior look)
but it's really cold (especially for the butt) oh man and especially the thighs for short skirts,
but it's not like I like warm seats either (ew!) LOL, I'm fussy! but you know what,
fussiness makes a good food blogger. AHAHHAHA. #whatlogic. 

for glazing number ONE we ordered pigs in a blanket
Ohhh yummy chewy baby pork sausages wrapped around with bacon like their little winter coat.
With that bursting buttery juicy POP when you give it a bite in your mouth. Experiencing it was indeed delightful,
Dipping them in that sour sauce gave tingles to your mouth. Indeed that sauce was amazingly done:) YUMS!
This starter (which you have to try) specifically lifted up my expectations for this place and it's other dishes.

Glazing number 2 is MOMOFUKU inspired pork bun,
(would someone enlighten me what the hell is momofuku?!) sounds like a japanese thing.
But this chinese inspired steamed bun with pork dish is just sooo yummy.
Especially the soft bun (which felt like cushions in your mouth), matched with the tenderness of the sliced pork
(I took out the pickles because I hated it and I didn't wanna take the risk of it spoiling my beautiful pork buns) YUMs!

Garlic and arugula pork sausages
This was recommended by the waiter since we asked what's popular here, but for me, this wasn't really that good,
compared to some of the other sausages that I've tried before. I felt that this one was OKAYYY la. 
And by the way that dark brown thingy underneath the sausages isn't burnt hashbrown, apparently they're some french vegetable.
I rate this dish 4/10. Didn't really like it, so guys as a fussy food blogger I wouldn't recommend this dish. LOL

mmmm. Spicy bacon and mushroom pasta.
This one was not bad, although I felt that the bacon was a lil too hard to chew but the whole dish was appetizing, 
unlike the sausage which was I think kindda "jelak" at a point.
Maybe because this one has a tinge of spice in it so it didn't felt so "jelak" like some of the pastas out there.

WE (specifically I) had to try this Ham & Cheese sandwich, sounds normal doesn't it?
But I was looking what Swine could provide, and whether if they could beat my expectations.
It's just a normal everyday dish, but this one was good because ohhh. first! 
I could feel the real ham weight when I held up the sandwich, it was pretty heavy, and heavy describes this sandwich.
It's creamy melted cheese, and it's thick slice of ham, really gives my tummy the weigh. haha.
I'm telling you it looks small but this dish is realllly filling I'm not even joking!!

Someone wanted to have Bubur ChaCha (our local delight) badly, and so we satisfied his cravings. 
I'm glad we did because OHHHHHHHHHHH. just look at that when you stir it! D: 
Goodness gracious such a generous servings of sago, potatoes, (and another pink thing which is soft and sweet), in there!
Golly Gee! It's as if I've found a pot of gold... Such Yum-ness from this little purple pot of gold, 
and the texture is just great, and it doesn't taste that sweet as a lot of bu bur cha cha out there does!
I'm surprised I like this dessert to be honest, because I was doubting the skills of the Australian chef who runs Swine.
In my mind I was like, "Come on la, this is a Malaysian dessert."
But yes, after the first bite I learnt to never underestimate a foreigner's skills on local delights, cause this was so good! 

The last dessert we had was Bacon Sundae with strawberries, caramel and macadamia nuts.
I know there's some places which sells bacon sundaes, but I've never tried one because I find it weird.
I guess we human-beings are so used to being comfortable in our own zone, sometimes it's pretty hard to take us out from it, 
but for this time WHY NOT?! we've already tried 5 pork related dishes, why not just finish it with a bacon sundae! woohoo! here goes nothing! 

My first bite on this (with a big scoop of caramel + nuts + sundae + bacon) was...
it took my brain a fairly long time to digest the taste and use a word to describe what I just put into my mouth.
Firstly the bacon is cold and salty. mixed with the creamy sweet ice cream, and suddenly there's the hardness from the roasted caramel and nuts.

Explosion of flavors will be how I describe this dish whenever someone asks me how was it.
I like it, it's weird like me. Me and this sundae clicked instantly, maybe I should rename my blog into Bacon Sundae.
it's sweet, it's creamy, it's crunchy, it's salty, it's nutty, it's sour (from the strawberry).
such lovely feelings combined majestically in the mouth. haha!

Well! my conclusion is, this place does really live up to it's hypes. 
Great atmosphere, great services, by the way, our tax went up to rm20+ (just wanted to let you know).
This was definitely a more "atas" place than the usual Three little pigs & the Big Bad Wolf where I hangout.
I'll definitely come here for more because well, I call this place a beautiful mess.
Look how creative you can get with porks! Their combination and long list of food on the menu just entices me.
It takes a person to really know his pig to be able to cook it well, and to be able to mix it with the right ingredients isn't easy.
And I also heard their breakfast / brunch set is something that you should try. I'm looking forward to come here again!
Salute to the people who owns this place. The next time I come here I'm drinking wine.
just saying, lol


Celyx Lim said...

You really do look very exhausted, Jules. I remember I've seen the crop top in Cotton On before. It was on sales, wasn't it? :D

Anyways, get more rest and stay refreshed!

Celyx Lim

Iliyana Licheva said...

looks delicious!

Queen Bubu said...

Love your header love your looks and this seems like a perfect place to dine! Wanna follow each other? Let me know. :)

Anny Barros said...

the shoes are really beautiful :)

Maple SHuh Hong Kok said...

wah, u very pretty ler~~