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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Basics with #ChristyNgShoes / Review

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I've gotten the opportunity to try out some really gorgeous shoes from ChristyNg. For those of you who don't know, they're actually a pretty well-known brand home-grown from Malaysia which started just 6 years ago, some say they're the next Jimmy Choo of Malaysia?! All fully handmade and manufactured in Malaysia as well! For those of you who enjoy shopping at your finger tips, you can find their latest arrivals on their website BTW, they ship internationally, so for my non-Malaysian readers, fret not! OR if you'd prefer an 'on-ground testing how the products look and feel like (like me) you can head over to their Main Store at Jaya One. OR you could read my blog and I'll try to explain my experience after trying some of these shoes out.

Most of the shoes that I choose were basics, well because you know...

Over the years, I've been buying and buying printed clothing, patterned shoes, flamboyant hats, my hair was always in a different shade of color these days, and don't get me started with my lipsticks! (They go on a Brinjal Purple kindda day to Chili Red kindda night) Conclusion is that the outfits that I usually throw into my shopping cart is usually very LOUD, same goes to my shoes as well, I tend to lend more towards the funky edge. But I knew that needed to stop because I didn't wanna be a walking loudspeaker, I needed to tone down my look with some Back-to-Basics!
So these are some of my picks that I'd like to share with you!

Black - to - Basics
Daily kindda heels

ps. Do you like the name Black-to-Basics ??

Ayyyyyyyyy.... thought about it myself! lol

When it comes to basics, the first thing that comes to mind is the white top with the blue jeans. But all can only go right in place with these
Mayer Black heels which are extremely comfy not to mention easy to match with ANY outfit seriously. I'm a fan for heels with straps like these.
So basic but yet so chic! And especially when it comes in this suede material, it just makes it look so much more elegant!

Nude- so - Simple
Casual kindda heels
(yes I'm a very punny person lol)

Second one is another classic. Everyone needs a pair of nude heels in their life, mine just so happen to be called Petra Nude . Seriously extremely comfy I feel like I can run with these fine nude color babies! One thing I like about nude shoes is that they instantly give you a lift that doesn't look very obvious. The ones I have on come with platforms as well, but funny how I find that I walk easier when it comes to platform heels. Again one of the basics that goes well with literally anything, like this casual outfit for coffee or maybe out to see some soccer game (or maybe just watching that cutie playing soccer and waiting for him to come by lol)

Metallic Fanatic
Evening kindda heels

My Marissa Silver heels are so glammmmm I love them! I can see myself totally rocking these on office grounds! Who says office wears are boring, these shoes are really vibrate and bright metallic silver which the inner-funky me loves! After working hours, get ready to hit the dance floor with these bling bling subtle sparkles behind! And also the 3 straps really help provide maximum protection so you won't be losing your glass slippers like cinderella after midnight ;)

Gold Glam
Dinner kindda heels

 I saved the best to last! I feel in love with them the first time I saw them on ChristyNg's instagram page. They're called the Chloe Gold heels and they look absolutely divine, even so when I got them and they were extra comfy. They are these glamorous gold basic heels which I think every girl should have! Thin straps elongates your legs, but thin gold straps gives an illusion of glowing silky skin on your long legs! And I'm extra lovin' the shorter heels that gives you a slight lift behind, it's a dream come true for your feet when it comes to long walks on rocky unstable roads. These shoes with lower heels are so charming to me I love it!


So that's all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed this review and hope you find it helpful on deciding your purchase with ChristyNg shoes.
They come out with new designs  all the time so be sure to always check out their website at
or #ChristyNgShoes to see what's other people wearing on instagram :)

And if that's not enough to excite you, There's also a "Design Your Own" Button on the website!!! Which means that you can pick your own COLOR, TEXTURE, PRINT, and SHAPE of your shoe! I think this is a really great idea when it comes to bride-maids shoes, or just for the people who like to customize their own one of a kind shoes! 

Anyways, happy shoe-shopping! ;)


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